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Computer 3D technology has entered the Chinese market for more than 20 years, and the commercial application of this technology has become more and more popular. From the CG animation, to corporate videos, special effects production and digital technology development with the huge market size. But in this market, our own technology research and development is still behind commercial applications. So in this situation, how can Chinese companies break through the technological bottleneck and has own R&D team? Today, we will talk with Jiangsu Xuanmei Digital Technology Co. Ltd about their investment in digital technology.

CGGE: Can you briefly introduce your company?

Xuanmei: We are a company born for vision. For fifteen years, we have been doing one thing; that is to focus on the development of visual technology and arts. In 2018, Jiangsu Xingmei Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was newly established for better business development. New starting point, new journey!

The company started from a 3D animation company in Hefei, Anhui. The headquarter is in Nanjing with a registered capital of 10 million RMB. It is mainly engaged in the development and production of animation and digital technology. Hefei Branch is mainly engaged in three-dimensional animation production and with the key clients from central enterprises. The Yangzhou company is called Yangzhou Zhuomeida Advertising Co., Ltd., focusing on the service of cultural creation, event planning and exhibition activities for the government agencies, state-owned enterprises and other well-known brand enterprises .

After years of operation, the company have customers in all walks of life. It has won good recognition and reputation in the industry, and established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many well-known corporations.

CGGE: its said that your company has just developed a new technology. Can you introduce this new technology? What is its main application? Is there a commercial application plan in the future?

Xuanmei: This technology, we call it “3D Virtual Space Interactive System.” At present, VR glasses has the technical barriers of  relatively cumbersome and comfortableness . The original intention of developing this system is to get rid of VR eyes and let you experience virtual reality interaction with naked eyes and immerse the scene. The 3D Virtual Space Interactive System version 1.0 (3D-VSIS1.0) was developed for China Railway Fourth Bureau and is now version 2.0 (AR2.0 human-computer interaction system). The 2.0 version completely changes the existing visual and interactive modes. Users can directly extract any block in the 3D module with tiny gestures, split, combine, rotate, change, place, etc., and also support language control to achieve the demonstration effect. It can display the structure of the products from various angles.

CGGE: In addition to research and development of new technologies, does the company’s business have other segments? What are the characteristics of these business segments, and how do they support each other and provide services to customers from all aspects and across sectors?

Xuanmei:We are mainly engaged in digital technology development, digital creative development, 3D technology development, architecture information modeling and other information technology development. In addition to the interactive demonstration system in 3D virtual space, we provide comprehensive display solutions to promote the company, products display, production process and engineering with virtual digital technology and 3D interaction. We also provided the new “one-stop visual solution” of industry application + 3D interactive; such as high-definition 3D animation, product 3D display software, 3D virtual interactive display, VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, VR education training, digital visualization, digital city,  as well as tailored digital display system for digital museums and tailored service to one-stop interactive technology.

we are one of the service provider to enter 3D display business with 3D technology development and application in early time in China, and have accumulated a lot of experience in the development of the most advanced technology in the construction industry and high-speed rail construction methods. It is also the first batch of company that start BIM research and development in China. The company provides experience and development foundation for the development of BIM. Our long-term partners include China Construction Group, China Railway Fourth Bureau, Anhui Construction Engineering Group, Anhui Water Conservancy System, Huaibei Coal Mine, Hefei TV Station and other central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and government agencies. At present, we are the main service provider of the 3D display of the China Railway Fourth Bureau, and was selected by the China Railway Engineering Bureau Group in the catalogue of service providers for the Huaiyang section of Lianzhen.

2D and 3D animation, respectively go through the plane and three-dimensional method, multi-angle, all-round description to display the products. They can be used in movie trailer, engineering construction and other technical demonstrations, product demonstrations, film and television production, animation simulation and education, etc.

VR Virtual Reality (VR) is a virtual world that uses computer simulation to generate a three-dimensional space to provide users with simulations of visual, auditory, tactile and other senses, so that users can experience in that situation and observe things in the third dimension just as they in . VR has a wide application field, and all of the basic visual categories can be used. Currently, it is mainly used in training and education, various demonstrations, virtual cities, film and television entertainment, military, medical, games, etc.

Mix reality (MR) includes both augmented reality and enhanced virtual. It refers to a new visual environment created by combining real and virtual worlds. In the new visual environment, physical and digital objects coexist and interact in real time. Currently mainly used in business.

MR = VR + AR = real world + virtual world + digital information, so they are independent but completely unified. Our system is a fusion of multiple forms of integration, providing a one-stop vision solution.

CGGE: Technology development requires a lot of manpower and capital investment. What experience and experience do you have in team building?

Xuanmei :Since 2018, Xuanmei has invested a lot of manpower and financial resources into R&D, and will continue to invest in it every year, therefore Xuanmei would maintain its leading position in the field of 3D technology application.

Xuanmei officially established the marketing department on January 1, 2019. In the past, we have a stable customer base. With the application of the independent demonstration system which setup a good reputation in the market, we try to introduce the demonstration system into more fields. Therefore, we set up a market network to implement 360 marketing strategy.

We always pay attention to the innovation and continuous exploration of technology, and more importantly, the quality of the products. As a cultural and creative company, we understand that industry has no the regulatory and standardization of the creative process. We subdivide the creative process into multiple groups, work together in phases, improve production efficiency, and shorten the production cycle. Especially in the field of 3D+ construction,  our production speed and production cycle advantages are more obvious compared with the same type of company,.

In the past, we focused on technology, and now we pay more attention to in both promotion and management. We implement project management system internally. Push the technicians to the market, listen to the needs of customers, let the market personnel learn technical knowledge and follow up the production process, to create a “market + technology + quality control” trinity cooperation mechanism.

About the team training:

  1. Building a long-term mechanism for learning

Regularly carry out training programs, so that the employees can share working experience. To create a self-learning team and a cohesive team.

2, team echelon construction

According to the creative process of the work, we divide the different group, and each post is set up according to each process point. Each post is set up in an echelon manner to effectively prevent staff loss and guarantee the production cycle of the work.

  1. Corporate culture construction

Regularly carry out group building activities, promote the effective communication. And the mobile management software is applicated.

Xuanmei has 15 years of 3D technology experience, 5G and the arrival of the Internet of Things, the digital age have brought unlimited business opportunities. The digital age requires a lot of three-dimensional infrastructure work, and there is a huge gap for t three-dimensional engineers in China market. Xuanmei Digital Technology will continue to committed to the China digital market and focus on the field of digital technology development. We hope to go out of China market with combination of our three-dimensional digital technology and traditional Chinese culture . Let the world understand China better, and the world is in love with Chinese culture. The rise of Chinese culture is the real rise of the Chinese nation!

CGGE: Is your company positioned as a technology research and development company or creative service company? The risk of technology research and development is very high, and the risks of service-oriented enterprises will be small. How do you think about these two different businesses in the future?

Xuanmei: Strictly speaking, we are a technology service company. Our current business is basically customized service. In the future, we will produce some standardized products, which can be duplicated to increase the core competitiveness of the company. . All are based on customer service, meet market needs, and train professional engineers to the customers.

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