ARTE’s Upcoming Game ”Inua“

ARTE’s upcoming game, Inua, is part of the Steam Next Fest, first chapter playable now

Iko, The Pixel Hunt and ARTE shares new gameplay teaser for Inua, a demo available now

Iko and The Pixel Hunt, co-producers, with ARTE France, co-producer and publisher, are very proud to announce the release of the demo of their upcoming narrative puzzle game, Inua, for PC and Mac.

The demo is available during the Steam next festival, from June 16th to 22nd, and includes the entire chapter 1. The player will meet Taïna and Simon, sharing the same place in the Great North, but living decades appart.

A live event took place on Thursday, June 17 at 4pm CET, the team behind Inua will be there to present the first chapter of the game.

You can find more information in the dedicated press area. Inua can already be wishlisted on Steam.

A new gameplay teaser was unveiled at the Steam next festival, offering exclusive details about the game’s gameplay mechanics.

Inua is a mystical and narrative adventure inspired by Inuit spirituality. The player controls the thoughts of different characters separated by time and space. As he navigates through the different levels, he will find ideas that he can instill into the mind of each character to change the course of history.

The player will have to change the past in order to restore the balance of the world.

Inua – A story In Ice and Time :

  • A mystical tale inspired by incredible historical facts
  • An extraordinary story inspired by Inuit spirituality, based on extensive research with Inuit artists and supervised by an Inuit author
  • Original puzzles based on the manipulation of space, time and ideas
  • A game conceived by the creators of Burying Me, My Love and Vignettes, adapted from an original story by Nathalie Frassoni and Frédéric Bouvier, under the breathtaking artistic direction of Delphine Fourneau of the Klondike collective
  • Writing : Nathalie Frasson and Frédéric Bouvier
  • Game design : Armel Gibson
  • Executive producer : Florent Maurin
  • Artistic director : Delphine Fourneau
  • Production : Iko, The Pixel Hunt, ARTE France

About ARTE  

Founded in 1992, ARTE is a European public cultural television channel and a digital network focusing on creation and innovation. Over the past ten years, ARTE has co-produced a number of interactive creations such as the games Type:Rider, Homo Machina, Vectronom, The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature and Bury Me, My Love. More information on the official website and the Twitter page of Arte Interactif.

A propos d’Iko

IKO is a Paris based independant production company founded in 2010, which produces web documentaries, fiction short films, video games, web-series and VR experiences. IKO was founded and is still today represented by Igal Kohen, member of the Atelier Network, alumni of the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris, a French – German program for young European producers by the Fémis and the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg schools.

A propos de The Pixel Hunt

The Pixel Hunt imagines and makes reality-inspired games. We work for clients such as public broadcasters or TV production companies, and we also have independent projects.

The Pixel Hunt was founded in 2009 by Florent Maurin, a former journalist.

You may find The Pixel Hunt on Twitter or Facebook


Source: Arte France

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