Blender Announcing the Launching of Blender 2.8 for All Platforms 

Blender announced the launching of Blender 2.8 for all platforms.  Here we are coverig some of the main features of Blender 2.0, but there are many more.

“The 2.80 release is dedicated to everyone who has contributed to Blender. To the tirelessly devoted developers. To the artists inspiring them with demos. To the documentation writers. To the Blender Cloud subscribers. To the bug reporters. To the designers. To the Code Quest supporters. To the donators and to the members of the Development Fund. Blender is made by you. Thanks!” said the Blender Teams.

New Workspace

The Blender 2,8 features a whole new workspace, that the templates and workspaces let you quickly get started with tasks like sculpting, texture painting or motion tracking. They can be customized to create your own efficient working environment.

What you see is what you needs

In addition, the Blender 2.8m got you an intuitive interface that cater to you personal needs.  What You See Is What You Need, thanks to the new modern 3D viewport you will be able to display a scene optimized for the task you are performing. A new Workbench render engine was designed for getting work done in the viewport, supporting tasks like scene layout, modelling and sculpting. The engine also features overlays, providing fine control over which utilities are visible on top of the render.

 Blender 2.8 also included some new Tools and Gizmos.

The 3D viewport and UV editor have new interactive tools and gizmos, along with a new toolbar. These make it easier for new users to start using Blender, and for existing users to discover and use tools that previously required obscure key combinations.

Besides gizmos for tools, various elements like lights, camera, and the compositing backdrop image now have handles to adjust their shape or other attributes. 

 Real Time Renderer

Eevee is a new physically based real-time renderer. It works both as a renderer for final frames, and as the engine driving Blender’s Realtime viewport for creating assets.

It has advanced features such as volumetric, screen-space reflections and refractions, subsurface scattering, soft and contact shadows, depth of field, camera motion blur and bloom.

2D Animation

Grease Pencil is now a full 2D drawing and animation system. This unprecedented integration of 2D tools in a 3D environment will enable you to create next-level concept art, storyboards and animations.

Grease Pencil objects are a native part of Blender, integrating with existing object selection, editing, management, and linking tools. Strokes can be organized into layers, and shaded with materials and textures. Besides a draw mode for strokes, these objects can also be edited, sculpted and weight painted similarly to meshes.

Modifiers can be used to deform, generate and color strokes. Commonly used mesh modifiers such as array, subdivide and armature deform have equivalents for strokes. Rendering effects like blur, shadows or rim lighting are also available.

Cycle-cinema grade renderer

ItS provides industry-standard functionality such as Cryptomatte, BSDF hair and volume shading and Random Walk Subsurface scattering. Many rendering optimizations were done including combined CPU and GPU rendering, much improved OpenCL start and render time, and CUDA support for scenes that don’t fit in GPU memory.

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Reporter: Raymond Neoh


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