VR to Dominate Korean Pavilion at GDC 2019

Over half the companies will be displaying some sort of VR or AR tech.


It’s finally the week of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019, with the main event due to open this Wednesday. It’s set to be an exciting week for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) news, both on the hardware and software side. And it looks as though the Korean Pavilion will be highly focused on immersive tech, with six out of the ten companies attending focused on VR or AR.

The pavilion has been set up by the Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA) to showcase the latest Korean game technologies. KOCCA General Director Hyun Hoon Cho commented in a statement: “GDC2019 is a significant opportunity to showcase Korea’s next-generation Game Technologies and Solutions to the global market. I will use it as a stepping stone to revitalize the production of next-generation game contents in Korea through understanding the latest trend of global game technology.”

Attending GDC 2019 will be bHaptics with its wearable haptic suit, the Tactsuit. The device is able to relay sensations from over 70 individually controlled actuators, helping players feel every punch, shot and knock to their bodies. Staying with haptics, VR Carver is a specialist in haptic devices for VR sports videogames. By using what the company calls a ‘trek belt system’, it’s currently in the process of developing a simulator for racing titles.

Moving into the field of hand input is Feel the Same, focusing purely on hand and finger gestures. Feel the Same manufactures soft sensors which can be used inside data or VR gloves, and will be demonstrating the Mollisen VR glove at GDC 2019.

On the software side, there’s Reality MagiQ, a VR developer that specialises in e-sports experiences for VR arcades. With plans to release new titles online later this year, the company is looking for more arcades and theme parks to deploy its technology.

Working within the VR and AR fields is Neorama, which is currently developing a robot-based tournament title called Robot Taekwon V-Reality, which is in co-production with Korea Telecom. And lastly, there’s Smarthan which creates educational content using AR.

As GDC 2019 ramps up speed, VRFocus will bring you all the latest announcements from the event.



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