Tribute To Stan Lee

 -From A Friend and A Fan

I met Stan Lee in year 2001, together with his long time friend Jean at illustrated Silver Surface and my producer Frank Foster.

I spent a few weeks on and off in Stan Lee’s house with Moebius to discuss a project together with Stan and Moebius.  I was producing a movie with Moebius called “Thru The Moebius Strip”, the first major Chinese CG animation at that time.  Stan would work on the story while Moebius do the illustration and we make it into a CG movie for both of them.  My ambition is to make a CG movie with Stan writing the story, Mobeius doing the illustration and Miyazaki doing the animation.

We have spent time discussing the story with Stan while Moebius drew much of the sketches for Stan.  Stan is very good with his story and Moebius is good with his art.  I spent a considerable time in Stan’s home and he showed me his Spiderman figure and told us his day in Marvel.

Stan is a very creative and good in his writing, but good things didn’t last. Moebius passed away in 2013 and now departed Stan Lee.  It is an honor and pleasure to have such a rare opportunity to have worked with the 2 giants of our industry. May them both rest in peace and create something spectacular in heaven together.


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