The popular high-horse bumblebee new poster is released! This time is “staying bee”

“Bumblebee” overseas exposure new poster

The first foreign film “Bumblebee” of the “Transformers” series created by Paramount Pictures of the United States has attracted much attention since its inception. Recently, a new poster exposed overseas by the film has once again set off a discussion boom. The bumblebee has a gentle eye and is guarded by the girl.

The new poster is different from the previously exposed back poster. In this poster, the little girl stands in the dusk, the bumblebee cleverly squats on the side of the girl, one person and one person look in the twilight, behind the city is the lights And the stars are full of stars, giving the whole poster a touch of warmth. The latest release of the Hornet poster image, and the first Chinese version of the “Bumblebee” movie, the hornet echoes the image of “staying cute” after the first deformation, which further highlights the relationship between man and machine. Warm heart emotions.

As a very important role in the “Transformers” series, the Hornet has always been loved by fans and viewers. The background of the “Bumblebee” movie was set in the seaside town of California in 1987. The 18-year-old girl Charlie (Hayly Steinfeld) inadvertently saved the scarred, dying bumblebee, but She soon discovered that he was not just an ordinary yellow Foss Golden Turtle car, and the wonderful fate of humans and machines began.

The film “Bumblebee” production team is good. Directed by director Taravis Knight, the film is famous for directing stop motion animation. The animated feature film “The Legend of Magic Strings” has been nominated and awarded for many international film awards including Oscar and Golden Globe. This is also the first live-action movie directed by Talavis Knight. The film’s screenwriter Christina Hossen has three screens that are shortlisted for the Hollywood “screen blacklist”, which is known as the “windan of the blockbuster movie”, and is well known in the industry for the film “Confinement.”

On the actor side, he was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress of the 83rd Academy Awards for “The Earth Thunder” and nominated for the best actress in the 74th Golden Globe Award comedy in the “Growth of Growth”. In the film, Charlie, the girl who accidentally discovered the bumblebee, will be played. In addition, the film also includes John Senna, who has won 14 WWE titles, has a bright performance in many movies, and Pamela, who won the Emmy Award for best actress in the American drama “Better Things”. · Adelong.

Source: Sina

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