The movie “Gintama 2” is the first to reveal the truth.

“Gintama 2” main photo

Sina Entertainment News The second live-action movie “Gintama 2” by Kong Zhiying Qiuqiu popular comic book “Gintama” was held at the Songzhu Theater in Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan. Starring Oguri Shun, Putian Huihui, Hashimoto Hannah, Kyuyuki Mi, Miura Haruma, Sugita Masahiro, Yoshizuki, Kawasaki, Xia Cai, Nagasawa Masami, Okada Hiroshi, Shiyi, Sato Erlang, Director Fukuda Yuichi Almost all the members of the main team attended the event.

As one of the most anticipated Japanese movies this summer, “Gintama 2” continues the pre-production campaign, and the heat before the film release is not necessarily inferior last year. A series of publicity activities have also been running in accordance with the “Gintama World” trajectory. Yesterday, the completion of the disclosure test session opened. As the starring role, Oguri Shun used the silver soul-style humor to “spit” the film “too long”. This move immediately “fired” the director of Fukuda Yuichi, Fukuda immediately “slightly swearing” counterattack to “you XX such a starring role I saw for the first time, a cold sweat.” At this point, the nearly one-hour meeting has officially begun!


“Gintama 2” completed the disclosure test session

Friends who have participated in or learned about the “Gintama” propaganda activities should be clear that every time the “Gintama” propaganda activities will eventually become the talks of Fukuda Yuichi, Shiyi, and Sato Erlang. When talking about two different works of Sato Erlang’s works, Fukuda Yuichi said that this kind of thing is almost impossible to establish. Sato Erlang immediately countered: I am looking for you, you are dead fat…like this There was a lot of dialogue, so Xiao Lishun, who was slightly tired, expressed his “nothing to do”: every campaign was messed up by them. And Fukuda Yuichi “actually took out” the article of “smoke” in the small media that said to Oguri Shun: Your tired expression was taken care of by the media to write “Oguri Shun, Yamada Yuu Marriage Crisis” news.

Among the 700 spectators present, the female audience was over 90%. The whole process of laughter continued, and everyone was very happy to integrate into the “Gintama World”. “Gintama 2” will be released in Japan on August 17th!


Source: Sina


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