The Ministry of Finance allocated 270 million yuan to support the film industry

The Ministry of Finance issued the instructions about 2021 national film career development special funds allowance local budget notice (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”). It issued the national film career development special funds subsidies for local total about 270 million yuan of funds to the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) in 2021; which has been issued in advance of about 090 million yuan.

The general table of allocation of local funds subsidized by the national film development special funds in 2021.

The notice proposed a proposal for the allocation of funds, including: 53.74 million yuan in subsidies to support the translation of ethnic languages; totaling 113.98 million yuan in supporting the construction of county cinemas in the central and western regions ; 62.9 million yuan was supported for the construction of cinemas in townships and towns; 89.79 million yuan in awarding for showing domestic films is. In addition, the allocation of basic factors amounted to 42.97 million yuan.


The notice requires local governments to prepare budgets and arrange indicators to ensure that annual performance targets are met as scheduled.

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