“The Adventure of Afanti” Publishing Adventure-Edition Trailer, Avanti Embarking on a New Adventure

On August 28th, following the exposures of concept posters and character posters, which aroused people’s memories, the 3D animated film The Adventure of Afanti to be released on October 1st, published an Adventure-Edition trailer, which officially announced that Afanti is back again after 39 years!

The AdventureEdition trailer of The Adventure of Afanti

Grape City Lacking of Water, Clever Avanti Back.

An unexpected water crisis broke the peace of Grape City. Under the trust and entrustment of the people, Afanti shouldered the responsibility of retrieving the water source and embarked on an adventurous trip through gobi and deserts with his old rival Bayi, the adorable pet Little Donkey and new friends, going through all kinds of hardships.

The potential dangers, deserts’ severe weathers and lurking opponents test the wisdom and courage of everyone. However, in the face of great difficulties, Avanti and his partners unwittingly fell into an insidious conspiracy.

Who diverted the groundwater flow? What kind of mystery is hidden in the “Gold City of Glory”? Who is manipulating all these behind the scenes? How does smart Avanti solve the water shortage crisis in Grape City and resist the terrible conspiracy with his wisdom?

“All of these has nothing to do with the treasure, but for the people of Grape City!”

Can the water crisis in Grape City be solved eventually? Can Afanti and his partners be able to get through the difficulties? All of these is waiting for you to reveal during the National Holiday !

Younger Avanti retains traditional puppet style 3D animation
Although “Afanti” has only met with the current children after nearly 40 years, the setting of Afan’s Adventures of Avatar in advance is to let everyone see a young, true growth. Avanti, let the current small audience can understand what kind of character Avanti is accompanying his parents’ childhood, and can also feel the brave, kind, and intelligent full of positive energy keywords in the film.

In the adventure-edition trailer released this time, the new female role Gu Lixian is impressive, with an ethnic manner of Sinkiang , great physical strength,an adorable appearance and strong justice, arousing audiences’ curiosity in this role.

The narrative of the film is light and fast, with both an atmosphere of adventurous legends, and a relaxing and funny fashion of comedy. Based on those in the original The story of any lift, the character images retain the textures of the original puppet and deform moderately, which is more suitable for the big screen.

Retaining the basic features of stop-motion animation, the film strives to restore the images of the characters with 3D animation performance and dubbing while endowing them with more vivid impressions and smooth motions, enhancing the visual effects and expression of the animation, which contributes to a clear sense of layering of the film on the sensory level.

The screening of The Adventure of Afanti will further spread excellent traditional cultures of ethnic groups, promote understandings and exchanges among various ethnic groups, and enhance the emotional bonding between them.




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