Silkroad Introduction

——Define your horizon with digital for creating an incredible visual experience


Silkroad Visual Technology CO., LTD as a national and professional digital visual integrated services provider, is specializing in CG applications, taking creative as the core, market demand as guide, it mainly use computer graphics technology to produce visual design and creation.


Since its establishment in 2000, Silkroad combines CG technology and art, relying on

long-term accumulation of technical strength and forward-looking creative design capabilities,

it has provide its customers from architecture, design, exhibition hall, advertising, animation,

games, movies, sports and entertainment events and other industries, with tactic, dynamic,

and system integration digital visual services.


Nowadays, Silkroad owns more than 1700 employees across the country and become the first Visual Technology company to be listed in the Chinese Stock Market. It is based on visual technology and application industry, providing the most professional digital visual creativity and technology solutions for all walks of life, and strive to become the global power of China in the field of digital vision technology and application.



Silkroad Visual Master (Conference)

The fourth session of Silkroad Visual Master (Conference) and Visual Creative Competition is organized by Silkroad Visual Technology CO., LTD. The guests were the artists from Pixar, Siggraph creative producer, scientists from Autodesk Research, the creative director from famous Korean creative enterprises, the presidents from the local leading visual creative companies, the well-known professors from the first-class universities as well as professionals from the industry.  It aims to introduce the state-of-art visual technology and artistic practice to the local market, to bring in line with the world, to bring more professional and internationalized strength. It hopes to set up a platform for communication and interactive for the visual industry professionals from home and abroad and to promote the development of visual industry in China.

Animation & Dynamic visual service

The dynamic visual service of Silkroad is to visualize the customer concept using CG technology to demonstrate the products, its effects and their functions. That can be in the  forms of animation movie, commercials, visual effects and other CG multi-media contents.


Using our Dynamic Visualization services, we help our client show case their products, services for marketing purposes.  We have an example here, visualizing the

The Emperor Qianlong Southern Inspection Tour through CG animation.


With the leading technology and advantages for development in VR/AR, Silkroad has created Multiplayer online VR conference system “Silkroad VR 1.0” for real estate clients. The system includes VR virtual environment, digital city location supporting roaming, virtual project sand table formats tour, virtual model room, virtue IMAX cinema, and virtual conference room, etc., . According to the clients’ requirement to set up the hot-spot, customized room, customized experience, like the movie of “Inception”, to satisfy the immersed experience of switching in the different room.

Exhibition Visualization Servcies

Silkroad provide exhibition and display services to our clients, using the state of the art CG technologies to realize customers creative contents and idea.  By creating various forms of digital space using multimedia, we are able to present a highly artistic and personalized display scenes with sense of experience and interaction; The imaging technologies involving holographic imaging, phantom imaging and air imaging, etc..  We create interactive contents such as interactive touch, somatosensory technology, virtual / augmented / mixed reality that can be integrated with all kinds of multimedia contents, to supplement with the construction of scene architecture and various forms of performance, stage machinery and so on. The main forms of products are digital exhibition halls, exposition, press conferences and theme activities.


Silkroad raised the technical level of CG production by accumulating technology and through cooperates with Alibaba strategically to create a global cloud rendering service platform, become a national leader in the field of visual cloud computing with special emphasis on cluster rendering. Our clients are from over 50 countries and regions involving a large number of Oscar Awards winners. We also provide rendering services for domestic films which have earned billions of yuan in box office revenues such as Wolf Warriors II and Monkey King: Hero Is Back etc.

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