Shadow Factory Releases Updates to VR Archery Game Stupid Cupid

New features include a mini-game called Flying Pigles

New updates have been made available for Shadow Factory’s latest consumer game, Stupid Cupid, two months after the VR game studio and digital agency released an Early Access version on game distribution platform Steam. The game is a fun fusion of VR archery and puzzle matching has players take on the role of a cupid trying to save his job by pairing up animals with his bow and arrow.

The team received a generous amount of reviews and feedback from both Steam and general gaming communities to draw insight from for this initial round of updates. Players will find changes such as improved game audio and gameplay. The team also added new features such as a new introduction for first-time players, and a new mini-game called Flying Pigles. In this mini-game, players can test their catapult-launching skills as they stand atop Cupid’s cloud and catapult boars. They can access the mini-game by completing the hazards tutorial.

Stupid Cupid features quirky, low-poly 3D art, as well as original music and sound effects—all created in-house by Shadow Factory. The game has three distinct play modes: objective, eco, and genocide. Stupid Cupid features various animals with personalities that players learn as they progress levels and an environment that changes throughout different seasons.

As it remains on Early Access phase on Steam, the team will continue to develop and update the game in the next few months. “Expect the release of new levels in new environments, such as a beach environment in time for a summer update,” teases Mattie Lamberg, Technical Director and lead developer of Stupid Cupid.

Stupid Cupid is available for Early Access on Steam for US$5.99 and is playable on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The game will soon be available in the Oculus Store and other platforms.

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