Reality MagiQ, Inc. launches ‘Space Block Buster’ Steam VR Platform

An addictive VR game reinterpreted from the nostalgic ‘Breakout’ game genre

The VR game developer Reality MagiQ, Inc announced that their new VR game title ‘Space Block Buster’ will be launched at Steam VR Platform for Early Access on December 20th. The Reality MagiQ  had released a variety of VR arcade titles in the last three years, such as ‘Special Force VR,’ ‘Infinite Fire,’ ‘Super Pong’ and some more. ‘Space Block Buster’ reinterprets brick breakout game which everyone has a memory of once enjoying it in the past, into an addictive high-quality VR game with a sense of crazy parody.

‘Space Block Buster’ combined ‘Bat and Ball’ game system based on the rules of breakout genre, to provide a colorful fun experience. Though the game will be first released in single-play mode, multi-player mode support is in the plan for updates. The game challenges players with 30 stages and bosses which level of difficulty increases gradually, and lets players compete with others by each stage’s scores. A basic rule of the game is to break all blocks in the stadium, but the game is defeated if the block reaches a dangerous area or certain number of balls are missed. To make the game more fun, various blocks with craziness have diverse forms and effects, and they appear in different patterns with the stage.

Reality MagiQ, Inc. plans to launch ‘Space Block Buster’ Early Access on Steam VR platform at 9.99 USD. And to celebrate its first launch and Christmas, 30% discounted price of 6.99 USD is in plan for an event. Based on the Early Access launch at the Steam platform, the company expects the game to develop further with players, through active communication and reflection of player feedback.

Source: Reality MagiQ, Inc.

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