I Have a Question: Zhou Xun

Zhou: Zhou Xun, one of the partners of BigBigSun Creative&Development Inc.

CGGE: Animation World Network

Zhou: I joined the industry of animation in 2000, became the 1st generation of employees of GDC as well as the 1st batch of producers of 3D animation. Chinese 3D animation has been developing for nearly 18 years. Many new animation films were released after the release of “Monkey King: Hero Is Back”. To develop Chinese 3D animation, we also came to France, took part in various exhibitions & conferences and exhibited Chinese animation to other countries.

CGGE:Could you introduce the current programs you are running?

Zhou: The programs we work on now are mainly animation films, such as “Master Jiang and The Six Kingdoms” and “Nezha”, which are going to be on screen by the end of 2018 and in 2019.More programs will come out in the future, including our original “Beasts of the world”.

CGGE:Could you talk about your view on Chinese animation industry briefly? As well as the development orientation of your company in the future?

Zhou: Chinese 3D animation industry has been developing for nearly 20 years, which could be divided into several stages. The first stage is the 1st 3D animation company in China, GDC. By the time it got started, we produced an animation called “Thru The Moebius Strip”,cultivated Chinese’s 1st batch of 3D animation talents and established the foundation of Chinese 3D animation industry. The 2nd stage is the stage of “Monkey King: Hero Is Back”, when Chinese animation film is close to world level. After the release of“Monkey King: Hero Is Back”, we entered the 3rd stage, when there appeared more animation works of higher qualities. Then the animation industry entered a stage when excellent works like “The Monkey King”and “maliang”appeared. China has many creative ideas and talents of arts. In the 1st and the 2nd stages, the talents all entered the industry of the game. After the animation industry took off, I believe more talents and artists of higher quality would enter this industry and produce better works. So this industry has great prospects. Welcome joining us.

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