I Have a Question – Benjamin Vos, Senior Account Manager of Wonder Media

Editor/Translator: Turing

CGGE: What’s the inspiration and motivation of developing your product?

B: Before our product, it was complex. You need to be skilled. Yet with wondermedia’s solutions, everybody can make animation. Children can use software today. Our idea is to make animation accessible for everybody. On the technical side, it made animation making very easy for people like you and me, which inspired me to work for the company. We also have a model where you can produce animation. 2D cameras. This system being exhibited now is live, but we can also do animation production. We can even do a show on mobile and overcus them to. We can also make 3D animation characters and show them.

CGGE: Do you have support from government or media when you develop your products?

B: Yes, we have support from EU in the development. They have programs for hi-tech applications like our software. They support us with money. Also when you go into the area of production, there are incentives from government.

CGGE: How do you promote your product?

B: Television shows/conventions. Global V bux. We visit clients who are interested. It’s on the market now. We sell it all over the world. Not online yet. But for educational purposes, you can search online and find our software made for education.

CGGE: What social effects will your products achieve? How will they affect traditional industries like culture, advertising, traffic and so on?What benefits will it bring for traditional industries?

B: We make animation production way cheaper, which affects the animation industry, as it does not require a lot of labour and everyone can use it now. It also affects education. As we do a lot of stuff for education, for kids to create content.

CGGE: Do you have future plans for your products?

B: Yes, we are working on AI, to make an AI engine. Also, we are doing feature films.

CGGE: How do you view the current situation of digital media industry?

B: A lot of people work content online, like YouTube. Like a television platform bilibili online. We provide another way for producing, which makes it easier and cheaper.

The quality gets higher. More people to produce, especially on animation. Make many people watch online instead of watching traditional television, which means advertisement also moves from traditional advertising to online. China has many government broadcasts like CCTV, and also private channels. Every country needs to decide the best solution for the country.


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