Expert: “Electric shock treatment” should be banned

According to the Beijing News,at the 14th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress , the Amendment of the Law on the Protection of mIN is amended to prevent the amendment of the Juvenile Crimes Act. According to this, the obsession of network, that is  “Internet addiction infection”, and the law on the protection of minors is proposed.

According to reports, the amendments to the Law on the Protection of Minors have added a lot of content on the basis of the existing law on the protection of minors: the principle of the most favorable for under-age, and the mandatory reporting system for under-ages when they are victims of infringement, the entry qualification of for the people who are close contact in the under-ages industry; on the basis of family protection, school protection, social protection and judicial protection, the two chapters of network protection and government protection have been added; for the management of harmful information, personal information protection, and network indulging new situations and issues in the network society, which are generally concerned with various aspects, have been stipulated.

In addition, relevant persons said that the legislation regulates the network addiction mechanism, and the measures can be flexible and diverse, but its purpose is also to protect the rights of minors and prevent them from suffering from Internet addiction. But it is also necessary to prevent violence or suffer from other chaos, including “electricity Electric shock treatment”.


Source: Beijing News

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