“Eagle and Chicken” Fly to the Outside World

Established in 2008, Suzhou Pegasus Liangzi Film Co. Ltd(Liangzi) is a professional company specializing in the creative development and production of animation film and television projects with high quality. Since its establishment, the company has not only produced many excellent original animations, but also has been involved in the filming of live-action movies. It has won many domestic awards. At the same time, Liangzi also actively participated in the outsourcing service production to several animation projects in the domestic market; and gained widely praise. Today we will talk with Liangzi about the company and their projects.

CGGE: It’s pleasure to meet with Liangzi. Can you briefly talk about the history of your company?

Liang Hongmei: At the beginning of the establishment in 2007, Liangzi was a service company. Then we start to set up our own self-development team in 2008 because we know soon or later, we need to have our own brand. The money is from the service payment. In the coming years, we developed the first TV animation series of “Fanli Oracle of Commerce”, and five seasons of “Chicks and Eaglecus” which was produced every year. It’s released in CCTV and got a lot of awards. In France animation festival, it was welcomed by many other countries who had intention to buy the rights. It also develops puppet drams of “Chicks and Eaglecus” which was warmly welcomed. In 2016, we start to develop the film for the big screen. Now it reached international level of the key technologies in the feather production, skeleton and simulation. The film will be planned to be finished in 2020 then, it will be released.

CGGE: You have a wide business scope from original development, service and real action film. With so many business, a highly effective team is very critical. Can you tell us how you built a professional team to deal with the different projects?

Liang Hongmei: In my opinion, that team building is mainly to improve the role of the company system and excellent managers. A sound management system can improve the efficiency of the entire team; excellent managerial performance can improve the cohesiveness of the team, the core of our management and projects. The managers and the core artists of the project can prioritize the original stocks to participate in the project investment. And they do not have to bear the risk of investment, and the company also promises to reward 15% of the profits to the members. Therefore, under their leadership, the whole team is very cohesive and passionate and are fully committed to the original film.

CGGE: From the perspective of the production, what is the biggest difference between original development and outsourced services? In the current direction of the company development, will your focus on continuing to develop original works or undertaking the large-scale animation projects at home and abroad in the future?

Liang Hongmei: The biggest difference between the original development and outsourcing services is that the outsourcing business should follow the comments from Party A and the team has little say in production. Original IP production will take the initiative to consider how to do better and it has a team soul. Outsourcing business is generally low-tech and mainly is on the middle and late stages. Although it can provide the continuous incomes, but it can’t make any big money. Original development needs a perfect high-end creative team, and the investment period is long. It requires the certain economic foundation and an experience team, which can reduce the risk. But it also requires the outside funds. We believe  that,once the original development is “bomb”, it will be a blowout benefit.

Our focus will be on the original development. If the schedule allows, we will also undertake large-scale film projects at home and abroad. Each large-scale movie project will have different requirements, and it will also help the team for further improvement.

The current development direction does not affect the original development. The two business are run at the same time, so the team goes all out to make the original brand bigger and stronger.

CGGE: You are currently working on a 3D animated film for “Eagles and Chickens”. The film invited Hollywood screenwriters, technical directors, etc. to participate. Can you tell us all about why this project is launched and how is the current progress of the project?

Liang Hongmei: it’s our team’s wish to start this project for many years. “Eagles and Chickens” is a well-known traditional brand. Many overseas buyers intend to buy the TV rights. It shows that this subject still has an potential international market. In order to make it easier for the international market, and also responded to the “One Belt, One Road” and call of “Introduction” and “Going out” to promote the cultural exchange between China and the West, it combines the oriental and western cultural elements (peaceful development, cooperation and win-win). It can be recognized by the international audience with Chinese traditional culture and but also acceptable and understandable.

Through the cooperation and introduction of overseas high-level talents, it constantly improves its technical level and creative ability. It helps build a reputation with the world’s top animation resources to create the global Chinese original film and television animation products. The movie has been producing for more than three years and is expected to be completed in 2020.

CGGE: Is there any difficulties that the foreign team of “Eagle and Chicken” cooperate with the domestic team? What are the most important barriers to working with overseas teams?

Liang Hongmei: They didn’t get unaccustomed. For example, Hollywood movies are very good at the box office in China, including animated films. The wife of our Hollywood screenwriter is American, but she is studying Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Her hospital business is still prosperous. During creation, it will also avoid some conflicts between China and the West. The company’s scriptwriter team also participated in the creation development and the team discussed often and carried out modification.

We use the same technology. Such as Disney, DreamWorks and other animation projects are also produced in China. The only barrier that needs to be broken is the communication. Some English jokes are not funny when translated into Chinese, then we use Chinese jokes instead, and the English version keeps the original ones. If there is no market-oriented packaging for the taste of the foreign audience, it is difficult to “go out”.

CGGE: This year’s “Nezha” constantly refreshes the Chinese animated film record. The current overseas repercussions are also very good. This is undoubtedly a strong shot for our domestic animation industry. What is your opinion on the current domestic animation market in China? Will the release of “Eagle and Chicken” lead to more foreign companies and teams to develop in Jiangsu?

Liang Hongmei: “Nezha” gave us a shot of a strong-hearted and a feeling of arrogance. It also let the companies and artists see the hope. I still maintain an extremely optimistic attitude, we emphasize that we must do fine animation, not only the quality of technology, but more importantly, we must tell a good story. The animation market is developing better and better, we have maintained such confidence for several years. Meanwhile, the government has given us great support in the animation industry.

We are very confident that the “Eagle and Chicken“. Regarding whether it will lead to more foreign companies and teams to develop in Jiangsu; I think it will be definitely. China has a vast land and rich resources and the state of etiquette. The animation market is also very huge, the company is currently planning to build the Creative Building of the Animation Industry Chain and we will also actively invite them to develop in China for the technology exchange, cooperation and win-win.

It’s quite impressive to talk with Suzhou Pegasus Liangzi Film Co. Ltd(Liangzi). Though this year Nezha inspire the industry and animation artists, it’s still a long way to go to revitalize the industry and lighten the world market.


Editor: Sophia

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