China cultivates new competitive advantages in cultural trade 

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to promoting the high-quality development of foreign trade and pushing Chinese culture to go global. In order to grasp the development trend and laws of the digital economy, activate new drivers of innovative development, promote the high-quality development of foreign cultural trade, and better serve the construction of a new development pattern and build China into a strong cultural country, the following suggestions are put forward.

Vigorously develop digital cultural trade. The implementation of the national cultural digitalization strategy will be promoted and a big data system for national culture built. The advantages of the domestic market and its rich cultural resources will be fully utilized, the construction of digital cultural content strengthened, and the digital development of excellent cultural resources and entertainment models encouraged. Newer industries like digital art, cloud exhibition and immersive experience and other new digital developments will be supported; Fields like online literature, online audio-visual products, online music, online performance, online games, digital movies, digital animation, digital publishing, online streaming, e-sports will be actively cultivated to help China gain a competitive edge globally, enhancing her cultural value and establishing a solid cultural presence within the international community.

Increase the export of publications and copyright trade. The export of themed publications will be advocated, and the export of literature and art, traditional culture, philosophy and social sciences, natural science publications, academic journals, teaching materials, children’s books, and academic databases will be increased. The copyright trade will be actively developed, the scale of copyright exports expanded and quality of exports improved, content quality and regional layout optimized, and copyright export channels and platforms broadened. The overall planning, editing, publishing, design and printing level of export-oriented books will also be improved, active participation in international cooperative publishing encouraged, to improve China’s influence within the international market.

The export of excellent radio, film and television programs will be encouraged. The creation and export of films, TV dramas, documentaries, cartoons, and variety shows will be supported, overseas promotion underlined, the “China Joint booth’s”development stepped up, new narrative methods innovated, and the global, regional, and diversified expression of China’s stories and Chinese voices promoted. Cooperation with overseas media platforms will be strengthened and export channels for radio, film and television programs expanded. Film and television production agencies will also be encouraged to carry out international co-productions.

Aim to let China’s distinctive culture go global. The digitalization of traditional cultural classics, cultural relic resources and intangible cultural heritage will be prioritized, and a number of fine digital cultural products for overseas users developed. Artists and cultural heritage inheritors looking to cooperate with professional institutions will be offered assistance so that they could share resources and jointly explore the international market. The export of Chinese cuisine, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese gardens, traditional clothing and traditional sports represented by Chinese martial arts and Go will also be vigorously promoted.

Stimulate the export of cultural creativity and design services. Exchanges and cooperation with creative design agencies and talents from other countries and regions will be highlighted to enhance the trendiness and international importance of Chinese cultural symbols. The advantages of the resources from cultural and heritage units will be utilized to intensify the development of cultural and creative products, and expand the export of cultural and creative products. The advantages of architectural design, industrial design and professional design will be exploited, the entrance of original designs into the international market supported. The embedding of cultural elements into creative design will be encouraged to augment the cultural connotations of exported products and services.


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