Bforartists 2 released

The Bforartists team has announced the release of Bforartists 2, a fork of Blender that has the goal of improving its graphical UI and usability.

The binary downloads can as usual also be found in the download section of the official webpage.
The sourcecode can be found at Github.
And the release note is here:


We have found and fixed a hand full of last minute bugs. And we have readded the align view buttons from Bforartists 1 back into the header. I missed it too much in my workflow. And we have corrected a mistake at the versioning numbers. This is Bforartists 2. And so the version number should be Bforartists 2.0.0. It is now.


There are several differences between Bforartists 2 and vanilla blender including:

  • A new keymap, which is reduced to just the necessary hotkeys and navigation that can be controlled purely using a mouse.
  • A cleaned-up UI with lots of unnecessary double, triple or even more repeated menu entries removed.
  • An extended UI that adds a lot of hotkey only tools to the menus
  • A rearranged UI to make some things more accessible now.
  • Double the number of icons than you would find in vanilla blender and with more colour.
  • A configurable Toolbar with icon buttons.
  • Improved Layouts.
  • Left-aligned checkboxes and text where possible.
  • Better Tooltips.
  • A more readable standard theme.
  • Some add-ons to improve usability, like a reset 3D View add-on or a Set Dimensions add-on with which you can scale in world coordinates
  • in edit mode.
  • Much more.


This release is a milestone release. It ends the development cycle for Bforartists 2, and continues the success story of the Bforartists project. This doesn’t mean the end of development. Quite the opposite. This just means that we have finally a stable version that can be used in production. A version where we can finally make tutorials for again. The first quickstart videos are popping up at the moment. We will continue to release a new and updated version every time a new Blender version appears. And we will continue to improve Bforartists as good as we can.

But the focus of the next months will be at the manual and the tutorials first. We have lots of gaps here that we need to close. And we need to close them first before we can go on with adding features.



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