A Talk with Sichuan Cultural and Creative Fund

The development of the animation industry needs financial support. The development of most enterprises will be constrained by whether there are enough development funds to promote the establishment and implementation of the project. Today, we will talk with Mr. Tan Kaijun, the head of the Cultural and Creative Fund Investment Committee of the Sichuan Cultural and Tourism Creative Industry Alliance- Animation Special Committee. How does the Cultural and Creative Fund help Sichuan enterprises to develop faster.

CGGE: What was the original intention of establishing the Sichuan Animation Commission Cultural and Creative Fund?

Mr. Tan : The original intention of the establishment of the Cultural and Creative Fund was to help local animation projects in Sichuan that has the development potential and the financial problems. It covers : animation content creation, derivative development and sales, offline commercialization and so on.

CGGE: What is the importance of the Cultural and Creative Fund for the development of the Sichuan animation industry, the formation of the industrial chain and the linkage with other related industries?

Mr. Tan : The members of the Cultural and Creative Fund Investment Committee include a number of investment institutions that have been intensively engaged in education, publishing, cultural tourism, etc. for many years. They have rich experience in investment, financing and incubation of cultural and creative industries, education, publishing, cultural tourism, non-legacy and other upstream and downstream industry chains. They are most closely related to animation and open up to form a high-quality business model and continuously improve and strengthen the Sichuan cultural and creative industry chain.

CGGE: Does Sichuan’s cultural and creative industry have its unique aspect? What is its significance for the economic and cultural development of central and western China?

Mr. Tan : The uniqueness of Sichuan’s cultural and creative industry lies in: Sichuan has a long history, unique culture and panda,the national treasure. It is rich in food, beautiful scenes, liquor and spirits, and retains a wealth of intangible cultural heritage. It provides high-quality creative materials and development foundation for the cultural and creative industry.

At present, there are 2 million people directly or indirectly employed in cultural and creative industries in Sichuan Province, 90 provincial cultural industry demonstration parks (bases) , and operating income  reached 75 billion yuan in 2017. In recent years, the annual value-added of cultural and creative industries in Sichuan has maintained a high growth rate of 16%, with an annual output value of 150 billion yuan. The success of “Necha” in both reputation and box office, demonstrated the strong strength of Sichuan’s animation and cultural and creative industries. There are a lot of high-quality animation and cultural creative enterprises and projects in Sichuan which has broad prospects for development.

With the increasing demand for material and cultural factors, the cultural and creative industries continue to grow, and will develop into pillar industries of the national economy. Sichuan is a leader in the economic and cultural development of central and western China. Sichuan’s cultural and creative industries lead the development of cultural and creative industries in central and western China, and are of great exemplary significance to the economic and cultural development of central and western China.

CGGE: What are the main contents and targets of the Cultural and Creative Fund? In the future, it has some specific measures that can help companies, universities or individuals to obtain development opportunities?

Mr. Tan : the Cultural and Creative Fund focuses to explore and incubate high-quality animation projects with market development potential in animation companies in Sichuan Province, mainly including: helping companies sort out business models, providing investment and financing, and docking upstream and downstream related resources. Future measures include: organizing project roadshows to explore potential projects through the animation special committee, conducting investment and financing analysis and counseling on enterprises and projects, and helping the special council to organize animation enterprises and fund-related education, publishing, and cultural tourism resources to connect and create more multi-project investment and financing cooperation opportunities.

CGGE: What is the role of the Cultural and Creative Foundation in cultivating animation talents in Sichuan? In addition to the training of local talents, will it also consider to introduce talents from overseas to further enhance the international competitiveness of local talents?

Mr. Tan : The main goal of the Cultural and Creative Fund is to discover and promote the implementation of local high-quality animation projects in Sichuan, not to cultivate talents. But we welcome high-quality talents to cooperate with high-quality projects, and we also welcome the overseas high-quality projects coming into China market.

Mr. Tan Kaijun , the Fund parter of Aibeisi Education Corp and Principal of the Cultural and Creative Fund

CGGE: Does the Cultural and Creative Fund also communicate with foreign creative centers and promote further cooperation to continuously deepen exchange and cooperation in the field of international cultural and creative?

Mr. Tan : We are looking forward to communicating with foreign creative centers, introducing suitable overseas projects to cooperate with local cultural and creative enterprises or delivering local high-quality cultural and creative projects overseas.

Thanks to the Sichuan Animation Commission Cultural and Creative Fund for its unremitting efforts to the industry.


We hope that more companies will benefit from the fund and continue to make progress and development.




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