A Talk with Dummy Dojo

Dummy Dojo is a game development studio founded in 2019.  Its studio is based in Southern California,. They focus on developing games with the exciting experience to the players. They consider  themselves “dummies” who are training hard to become better game developers.

Abylight Studios is a digital entertainment company founded in 2004. It’s based in Barcelona. As a video game publisher focuses on working with talented Indie creators and helping them to bring their games to the widest range of platforms possible. This time, they bring Dummy Dojo’s Ninja game to the world.

Today we will talk with them about their team, their game and their future.


– Would you please briefly introduce your company and your team? 

Dummy Dojo: Our company is Dummy Dojo and we make small quirky games. Our 3 core members are Lenny Lam (Artist), Mark Ilog (Programmer / Game Designer), and Johnson Nguyen (Sound Designer).

– Why you’ll choose Ninja as your key game character? Has it any special meaning to your team?

Dummy Dojo: As a kid, Lenny, always drew random characters for fun, and one of them was a chubby ninja. He finds that the most interesting characters are the ironic ones. In this case, he took the idea of a slim, fit, and nimble ninja and flipped it. Once we began making games together, one of the first ideas was this ninja and it just grew from there.

– What’s the feature of Ninja Chowdown? How do you keep the players’ stickiness? Including IOS, will it be to other platform?

Dummy Dojo: Some factors that will keep players on the app will be the fun core gameplay loop, great humor, and the amazing aesthetics. There are a lot of small details that we worked on that improves the overall game feel and experience of the app. Every moment is designed to be fun in some way and that will hopefully keep players playing. We are also planning to release for Android devices in the near future after further testing and quality assurance.

–  Including Ninja Chowdown, do you have any other original game?

Yes, we do have several small games that we have developed. These include our games 5-Second Sumo, Radi-Ocean, and Legend of Nüdacus. You can find them on our website: www.dummydojo.com. We also have another larger project, Turtle Daddy, in development.

 – What do you think of China’s game market? Do you have any intention to introduce your game to China market? As Ninja Chowdown will be in Apple device, do local players can download and play it?

Abylight: The Chinese market is one of the most important markets in the world, it is very competitive and hard to get into it but it can be very rewarding.

Our games are being published on the App Store of Apple and we translate all of them into simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. So, hopefully, whoever wishes to acquire Ninja Chowdown or any other of our games will enjoy them fully.

– Do you have any Chinese partners? If not, what kind of partners you are looking for? Do you have any plan to develop business in China?

Abylight: So far we do not have a Chinese partner to publish our games. Probably, once we get into Android, we will secure a partnership deal.


Source: CGGE Editor Group


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