4K Commemorative Edition of “Legend of Sealed Book” Will Be On Big Screen

4K Commemorative Edition of “Legend of Sealed Book” Will Be On Big Screen

The 4K commemorative edition of “Legend of Sealed Book” will be released on the big screen national wide  on November 5  for the first time


Step on the Ladder to Chase Hope.

Walk forward with Wisdom and Rush to Light

Where the heart goes is full of Enthusiasm.

Selfless the Heaven and Earth, With Light of Wisdom

“Legend of Sealed Book” 4K Commemorative Edition

November 5th, from the dream!

The novel is adapted from China’s first full-length supernatural novel Subjugation of Demons  (Ping Yao Zhuan), originally edited by Luo Guanzhong. The film retains the image of the three foxes in the novel, and changes the Monk Egg to Dan Sheng (born from an egg). The main storyline, adapted by Bao Lei and Wang Shuchen, can be traced in part to Chinese folk tales. Different from the “tall and complete” character images created by the mainstream literary works at that time, the Book emphasizes the unique aesthetic appreciation of wonder, interest and beauty.

“Legend of Sealed Book”gathered the old generation of excellent animators including Director Wang Shuchen, Qian Yunda, who respectively went to the Soviet union and the Czech republic, to learning and exchangeswere graduated from fine arts.  Mr.Huang created “Nezha Conquers The Dragon King “(scriptwriter and director),” Feelings of Mountains and Waters” (writer), etc., Mr.Qian directed “Shepherdgirland “Slovenly Boy’s Adventure” and other well-known domestic animation. Ke Ming, the modeling designer was used to be the art editor of Xinhua Daily in Nanjing. His representative works include “Cao Chong Weight an Elephant”, Lotus lantern”and “Gold Melon and Silver Bean”. Wu Yingju , the somposer is known as the “master of Music in the Chinese art circle”. He has composed music for classic Chinese animations such as “The Monkey King”, “Mu Di” and ” Baby Tadpoles Look for Their Mother “.

Ding Jianhua, the voice for Dan Sheng, is known as the “princess of the dubbing film”, and has been acting in the Bridges of Madison County, Kimi yo fundo no kawa o watare and other dubbing films. In “Legend of Sealed Book” “, Ding Jianhua interprets Dan Sheng’s pure and innocent lively. In addition, there are Bi Ke (Yuan Gong), Su Xiu (old fox), Cheng Xiaohua (beauty fox), Shi Rong (one-legged fox), Cao Lei (little Emperor), Shang Hua (Zhixian) and other older generation of voice artists. Their voice acting give the lives to the characters of Tianshu Qi Tan.

In order to meet the demand of the big screen and better show audience the classic Chinese animation feature, the 4K commemorative edition has undergone a long overall restoration and digitalization process.

First is to sort the original film and ultrasonic water washing the film.  Then scanned to the hard disk; and enter the phase of color correction, frame by frame repair, sound scan and repair. Finally, the sound and painting were synthesized, and the basic restoration work was completed by Shanghai Fine Arts film Studio and Shanghai Film Technology Factory.

4K restoration is done by MiGu underChina mobile group. The pair team followed the principle of “repair the old as before”, to reduce the noise, scratch and color enhancement and super grading, constantly test during the process, repeatedly in promoting film resolution at the same time, maximum limit retained and grainy and brush in the original film.

Sound restoration also went through a delicate and tedious process. The restorers used modern separation techniques to separate dialogue, music and sound effects in the monophonic master tape, and tried to restore the original sound effect of the film.

The 4K Commemorative edition will debut on Chinese screens on Nov 5. With the scientific restoration of “Legend of Sealed Book”, the excellent traditional Chinese culture is resplendent in the new era. As a representative work of the school of Chinese animation, “Legend of Sealed Book” adheres to the purpose of “establishing the new of the nation, marking the difference of the nation”, takes root in the local area, and creates simple but implicit, vivid a plots and characters with distinct national characteristics. It will display the national style, absorb the essence of ancient Chinese mythology, folk wisdom and folk art, and tell Chinese stories well so that the young Chinese generation can see this classic animated film with Chinese wisdom in front of the screen.

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