2019 Animation Global Magazine-Annecy Edition

Every year our industry get together in Annecy to celebrate the Annecy Animation Festival. Animators, producers, artists, media, students from all over the world come to Annecy to view exciting new projects, explore collaboration opportunities, participate in conferences, and see new ideas and meet with aspiring young talents.

The objective of this magazine is to give those upcoming studios, artists, tools makers, producers and people in our industry a medium to get their works and voice seen and heard. This magazine dedicates to the animation community in the 2 biggest markets of the world, the English and Chinese civilization in our time.

In this Annecy issue, we would like to feature Blender 2.8: the game-changing tools for artists, animators, VFX people, compositors and producers, an open source software created by people in the industry, supported and funded by the users. What it means for our industry globally.

I first met with Mr. Ton Roosendaal last year at the Blender Institute in Amsterdam. His life long goal and passion is to bring on a world-class tool-set to the industry. In Ton’s own words, every artist should have his/her own tools to create and produce. Like a chef who always carries his/her own tools to the kitchen. Please see the interview I had with Mr. Ton Rossendaal on pages 12 & 13.

Our feature article is the short film “Spring” created by the Blender Institute funded by the Blender Cloud. This film uniquely demonstrated the capability of Blender as a tool, and also opened up all the production process, materials, techniques through Blender Cloud to show people how the film was being made. Not just a few “how to” shots, but the complete process from concept to finished product on the Blender Cloud for people to download, to study and to learn.

China is opening up its market for global animation, we want to introduce to our readers the largest animation films distributor in China, Dreamers Studio, whom is planning to enter into the TV series production and distribution. If you or your company are looking into entering this market, and need a partner or advise, please read the article on Dreamers Studio and DJS-Global. Or contact us at [email protected] media.

As usual, we want to feature studios around the world, show you their great work done, and their exciting up coming projects which fuel our industry.

Enjoy and hope you can get something out from this Annecy issue of our magazine.

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