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CGGE: As part of cultural tourism, Wenzhou Night Tour combines modern multimedia technology with physical tourism. Where is the effect of the cultural tourism industry reflected?

Juchengshijie: The current upgradation of the cultural tourism & entertainment platform has accelerated the integration of culture, art, entertainment, technology and tourism industry, putting forward higher requirements for the shaping of cultural brands in physical tourist resorts. The resorts should not only contain culture, but also meet the needs of public aesthetics, entertainment consumption, etc. This forces cultural & creative enterprises to explore the fine culture content, innovate the presentation methods of science and technology. It not only integrates culture with tourism, and also allows visitors to experience, taste and inherit culture in their trips, with the vision of “big culture & entertainment, cutting-edge technology”. “The vision of the tourism culture injects new vitality and empowers the tourism industry.” The application of multimedia technology supports “new commercial species” technically, generating sparks of “new commercial species” in cross-border collisions, injecting new vitality of modern technology into the “traditional brands” with innovative thoughts. Integrate the “culture + technology + art” creativity into more brands, launch new cross-border cooperations to integrate traditional industry with modern multimedia art, jointly create new commercial values, and present the unbounded blend of culture, commerce and technology.

CGGE: Every project in Jucheng is unique. Can you share with our readers about interesting experiences of the team in the production process? Which part of the production process is the most critical? Which part absorbs the most manpower and resources? How long does the production cycle of these projects usually take?

Juchengshijie: Before, there was a cliff projecting project called “Dushan Grand Ceremony”. It is quite challenging as a large outdoor natural mountain projection project, which is different from the mass projection project. Moreover, each mountain project varies as the projection medium and the projection distance changes, and the actual situations affect the presentations of the mountain projections. In the production process, the most critical part is the application of CG animation technology in the early stage of the projects. It can realize virtual preview before the performances, present complete visual effects and stage environment in advance, providing the directors with the foundation for early observation and post-stage adjustments, effectively reducing costs of stage construction and on-site processing. In comparison, the post-production departments has the most staff and the longest work time. Normally, the multimedia image production of the project lasts about three months. The length varies according to the content creation and implementation of specific projects.

CGGE: During the International Tourism Festival that opened in Shapotou, Ningxia, Juchengshijie was responsible for the multimedia visual design and production project for the large-scale magical situational experience drama “Shapotou Festival”, restoring real scenes with 9D technology. What does 9D refer to? How long did it cost from designing in the pre-production to completion? Were there new technical difficulties? How do you meet the needs of art with technology? Will you create more works like this in the future?

Juchengshijie: “Shapotou Festival” is the first magical situation experience drama in China. It is also the first time to apply 9D technology to tourism performance through sound, light, shadow, water, fog, smoke and interaction. Visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, touch, etc.) restore the real scene, and the audience is both a visitor and a performer from the beginning of the venue.

From the previous design to completion, the Shapotou Festival was held for three months. Our members moved the equipment to the vicinity of the Shapotou Theatre in Zhongwei, Ningxia, so that the design, testing and modification can be carried out at the same time. Work efficiency and finished product quality.

Transformed from a 14-meter-high building, the Shapotou Grand Ceremony Theatre is a non-traditional, non-standard and marching performance venue. It changes an empty atrium into the largest lifting platform in China, with three floors. The corridor of the building, as a marching performance area. With multimedia technology, we have built it into the country’s largest CAVE immersive system. 360-degree four-fold screen, several opening & closing curtains, ground curtains, ground side curtains, fog curtains, water curtains and deformable elastic yarn curtains, human projections and various lifting platforms, vana points, lighting equipment, etc formed a space with unlimited horizons. We need to use these physical devices to present an infinite imaginative space with multimedia images. It can be said that images are basically presented with all the physical devices. As a technical means, multimedia broke through the space constraints and realized the diversification and three-dimensionality of the stage space, thus increasing the expressive power of the performances. The interactive experience also became part of the show. As a result, immersive and mobile performances followed. In the ring corridor viewing area, the performing dancers were completely wrapped in 360-degree scenery, ring curtains, domes and grounds, forming a new pattern of performing arts. Such an immersive performing environment, integrated with a mobile viewing structure, providing the audiences with experiences in a 360-degree exhibition space.

Such a project is extremely challenging, which allows complexes with abandoned or low-commercial values to gain new vitality through tourism performances.

CGGE: In 2019, the cultural tourism industry once again became the focus of attention. Compared with the turmoil of film & television companies since last year, the performance of listed companies in the cultural tourism industry is improving. How does Juchengshijie view this trend? Will there be some new cultural tourism projects in 2019?

Juchengshijie: Juchengshijie has always held great expectation for the cultural performance and night tourism industry. At the press conference, He Lifeng, director of the National Development and Reform Commission of the two sessions said that the overall trend of Chinese economy is stable and positive. At present, China’s tourism industry has been slowly transforming. The demand for the combination of culture and tourism is becoming more and more obvious. All regions have fully taken advantage of the excellent resources of their own cultural tourism, and also provided rich, diverse and more interesting tourism. Previous surveys on cultural tourism have shown that tourism income at nighttime accounts for about 1/2 to 1/3 of total income. Daytime consumption mostly consists of sightseeing and shopping, while night consumption is more diverse, including dining, performance, entertainments, and slow-paced consumptions off the city. 2019 will also be a very busy year for Jucheng. The ceremony of Shapotou Festival will be upgraded; the first phase of the Leishanxijiang Festival will start; the new projects in Inner Mongolia and Ganzi are being promoted. This year will be a year of harvest!

CGGE: At present, Can the multimedia demonstration projects in the culture & tourism area match overseas counterparts? Will Jucheng expand the opportunities to cooperate with overseas partners, and bring the production brand of Jucheng to the world stage in the future?

Juchengshijie: At the time that Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Cultural Landscape in Guangxi applies for the world cultural heritage, we created a night tour of Huashan sound painting night tour, “Millennium Luoyue, Beautiful Huashan”, and present the history of Huashan in an “Impressionist” way. With the art-inspired new “Huashan Folk Songs – Tianqin Rap” series of nights in Huashan, combined with the colorful sound and light effects of the two sides of the straits, the past and present of the Hua Mountain, the world of human life, echoing each other, beautiful and beautiful. In the chapter of the Nirvana Nirvana, the “Peak Projection” 3D reproduces the audio visual wonders, in which the right front light is dreamy, composed of newly built sacrificial shrines and large projections, and the actors perform live performances on the new sacrifice platform while projecting behind the mountains. On the wall, there are patterns featuring the cultural characteristics of Luo Yue, such as human frogs, horses, dogs, bronze drums, knives, swords, bells, boats and roads, fully presenting the core code of Huashan and Zhuang Worship Totems to the tourists. In this way, the tourists will have a better understanding of the cultural connotations reflected by Huashan murals as well as Luo Yue culture and generate interest in the culture. We look forward to more and better opportunities to tell foreign stories in Chinese ways and present Chinese technology to foreign audiences, not only on the domestic stage, but also on the world stage, so that more people can see the great beauty of Chinese ways of telling stories.

CGGE: Thank you!


September 10, 2018

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