On the occasion of the 2019 edition of the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers, ZED will present more than 25 programmes in production, including two major science projects.


As deforestation of the Amazon rainforest surges, ZED launches Rivers above the Canopy, an in-house production that dives deep into the canopy to unveil a crucial yet little known scientific phenomenon: The flying rivers.

Recycling its own water to produce a large portion of the region’s rain, this sanctuary plays a key role on a local and global scale, vital for our planet.

Following a top team of international experts in the field, in restricted areas and into their labs, this 52’ scientific investigation by Pascal Cuissot is coproduced with GRIFA Filmes (Brazil) for ARTE France, and will be delivered in Fall 2020.

ZED’s team is currently shooting in the ATTO tower, the world’s tallest meteorological tower, in the heart of a preserved and hardly accessible zone in Amazonia. By building this structure 325 meters high, scientists aim to study the chemistry of the atmosphere above the canopy, and in particular the “biogenic” vapors that can be seen from the top of the tower, in the form of a blueish strip above the treetops.

“At a time of climate change and with the arrival in power of an ultra-conservative Brazilian government, I believe producing this type of content is crucial. The climate, the state of our planet, its biodiversity, the quality of our ecosystem, and human responsibility in changes in the natural balance are all central themes in this film. Explains Chloé Persyn-Preljocaj, Head of Sales & Acquisitions.The audience need to be informed, and to understand what issues are at stake. And we are here to provide them this information, in an accessible but always accurate way.”


After the success of Pyramids: Solving the Mystery, ZED and Label News join forces with Decoding Saqqara, the Secret Hieroglyphs of the Pyramid.

Using once again cutting-edge technology such as miniature cameras and photogrammetry, this two-month immersion will follow an international team of archeologists as they open for the first time in 90 years thepyramid of pharaoh Pepi II, to crack its secret texts.

Switching between footage filmed on site and set-piece interviews, enriched by 3D graphics to explain the discoveries, their location, the magic of the hieroglyphs which decorate the tomb walls, and the wider history of Saqqara, this film will offer new insights into these fascinating treasures.

This 52’ & 75’ by Julien Balestier, produced by Label News for RMC Découverte is scheduled for Summer 2020.



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