ZED (Manuel Catteau) will adapt for television “Chasing Dragons: The Forgotten Knight of the Round Table” a previously unknown medieval novel from the universe of the Arthurian legend, and that has just been reassembled at the end of a 10-year quest.

This exceptional novel has been reconstructed by the medievalist historian Emanuele Arioli after 10 years of an outstanding quest that led him to several European countries. Written in the 13th century, this novel is one of the firsts to tell the adventures of the knights of the round table: a major discovery, knowing that less than 10 medieval novels of the time, about the Arthurian legend, are known today.

This novel, lost until its discovery, reveals notably the existence of a unknown knight: the knight Segurant, bewitched while going to King Arthur’s court, and thus condemned to pursue an imaginary dragon. ZED’s adaptation will be a documentary blending contemporary shootings and

animated sequences, in collaboration with illustrator Antoine Carrion. It will tell in a double story arc, Emanuele Arioli’s quest, and the adventures of the Knight Segurant.

The film, directed by Marie Thiry and produced by Christine Le Goff for ARTE, is scheduled for completion in Fall 2023, and is already available for presales.Christine Le Goff, Producer, ZED When Marie told me of Emanuele’s discovery, I immediatly realized this was the perfect story, a sort of The Da Vinci Code mixed with In the Name of the Rose. Yet, this is no fiction, but a fascinating historical and scientific journey, into myths legends and literature.


An independent producer and distributor, founded by Manuel Catteau some 25 years ago, ZED is a key player in French documentary production, with a raft of major international broadcasters among its clients. ZED produces around 40 films a year, covering all genre in non-fiction: history, sciences, wildlife, investigation, current affairs and art & culture.



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