ZEBEDEE solutions

Gaming isn’t just for fun, it can also fill your wallet! Too good to be true? Not with ZEBEDEE.

BIG Festival 2022, the largest festival and market for ​games in Latin America, is host to some of the most innovative games and new gaming technologies out there… and ZEBEDEE wouldn’t miss it! Whether you’re a gamer who wants to earn some money for playing, or a developer looking to level up your game’s engagement, ZEBEDEE makes adding real economies to games easy and fun.

ZEBEDEE gives gamers a fantastic way to earn real Bitcoin while playing and equips developers with powerful tools to easily add Bitcoin into their own games.

It all starts with the ZEBEDEE app. With it, you can find games that pay out real Bitcoin rewards, read the latest news, participate in weekly events, and much more. Then you can use your in-game winnings to buy real-world products and services, send Bitcoin tips to your friends, or exchange your Bitcoin balance for Brazilian reals using an integrated Bipa interface. Check it out:

For game devs, ZEBEDEE provides sophisticated tools for creating Bitcoin-powered games or injecting Bitcoin into existing titles. Decrease acquisition costs, boost retention and just make playing more rewarding by putting real-life value at stake. To start building with ZEBEDEE, sign up for ZBD Developer Dashboard – the command center for your in-game economies that lets you manage your wallets, access API keys and track analytics.

Other ZEBEDEE solutions that make Bitcoin gaming a first-class experience:

  • Boost your community’s engagement by adding ZBD Bots to your Discord or Telegram
  • Play CS:GO for real Bitcoin with ZBD Infuse
  • Use ZBD Streamer to let your live-stream viewers tip you directly in Bitcoin
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