WWE 2K20 Reveal Breakdown – The Good and the Bad

Step Inside to be the man!

After being unusually late with the reveal and official word compared to their usual time. 2K games finally gave us a whole lot of information regarding their new WWE game. WWE 2K20 is coming soon so let’s breakdown all of what was shown.

First up is the most favourite showcase mode revealed by Xavier Woods this year with WWE 2K20 we will get to see “The Four Horsewomen” as our subject of showcase mode where you will be playing as Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte Flair and lastly Becky Lynch going their iconic matches that defined the women’s revolution recreating all of those classic moments from their rich wrestling careers.

A series of different matches with killer cutscenes and objective-based gameplay, most of all unlocking a ton of things as you go through it. This already is shaping up to be one of the best showcase mode’s we have seen and seeing women headline such a major aspect of the game is not only a new thing it’s also one of the best things we’ve seen in wrestling games.

Who all love wacky over the top stories in wrestling videogames and while they are not as perfect as the ones THQ but what 2K did with WWE 2K19’s was super fun and with the upcoming game, it looks like they are about to do the same.

WWE 2K20’s My Career makes you create both a male and a female superstar as you take them both on the journey of my career filled with surprises, twists, and turns. We’ve been to the multiverse and Wyatt compound so let’s see where the new game’s career mode takes us.

For the first time ever (No 2K games we had this match type in WWE 2K14 too) we are getting the mixed match challenge where you can take any male and female superstar to pair them up in your ultimate dream tag-team.

Now for the three things where they didn’t show or tell much. Towers will be returning with more variety, universe mode is claimed to be better than ever and as always a mega roster featuring legends, nxt stars, and your main roster talent. However, it didn’t end here there is going to be an all-new WWE 2k20 originals mode which will be post-launch content that gives us our favorite stars and matchups all mixed with imagination. This one has us all super hyped!

The special Smackdown live edition that comes with the deluxe edition of the game, a piece of smackdown’s ring apron and one a signed picture of either Edge, Kurt Angle or Rey Mysterio.

Lastly, the cover stars of the game are both The Man Becky Lynch and Big Dog Roman Reigns!

WWE 2K20 comes out on October 22nd and we cannot wait to play it.


By: Buntoo Cage

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