Winds & Leaves is coming to Steam on December 8th 2021!

Trebuchet’s latest VR experience gets a PC release date!

TREBUCHET, developers of the award-winning game Prison Boss VR, is delighted to announce their latest VR game Winds & Leaves is now coming to Steam, making it available to PC VR headsets (Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HP Reverb etc.), on December 8th 2021!

Alexandre Pernot Lopes, Trebuchet Creative Director and co-founder says “We are thrilled to bring Winds & Leaves to Steam VR players, taking advantage of the PC power to make the experience even more captivating with the farther draw distance and higher vegetation density that we can now render.”

About Winds & Leaves

Journey across a wide barren world and bring it back to life by growing your own forests. Unearth ancient seeds, awaken landmarks and gather knowledge to stop the looming cataclysm.

GROW YOU OWN FOREST. Grow a verdant forest from nothing and create different tree species to adapt to the various biomes and weather. Transform the barren land into lush valleys, one tree at a time.

UNCOVER THE WORLD’S MYSTERIES. Explore an intriguing ever-changing world on your stilts, a locomotion system designed for walking across the landscapes and climbing up in trees. Stumble on ancient structures and awaken them to discover their secrets.

FEEL NATURE COMING BACK TO LIFE. Enjoy a procedural living soundtrack that reacts to the world around you from award-winning composers Vibe Avenue and see the landscape transform into a forest one tree at a time.

PC enhancements:

  • Higher resolution
  • Farther draw distance
  • Higher vegetation and trees density
  • New room-scale mode and 360 rotation setting
  • Full support of a vast array of PC headsets and controllers


TREBUCHET is a studio founded in Montreal in 2017 with a focus on crafting innovative VR games. Our first game, Prison Boss VR, is an award-winning game available on all VR platforms. Started straight out of university, the studio rapidly became a full-fledged company working on multiple projects, but the mission stays the same: making fun games with a cool team.


Source:XOGO Consulting

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