Web Game “Red Maiden” Adapted from Animation of the Same Name was Officially Launched

Animax Broadcast Japan Inc. announced that its new PC web game “Red Girl” was officially launched, using an in-charge model.

The “Red Girls and Girls” animation is composed of “Movie Girl”, “ZETMAN Super Devil” cartoonist Gui Zhenghe and “Letter Bee Letter Bee” cartoonist Asada Hiroshi participate in the role of the original case and concept design. The original part of the script is played by the game drama. The writer is responsible for playing Taro Shiro, and the theme song is played by well-known game music composer Ito Kenji. The animation supervision is Yu Cunren.

“Red Girl Girl” is an original work derived from the TV animation series and game planning. The girls who lived in a certain city were involved in an incredible world after a certain ceremony. They must travel in different worlds to solve various events… The story is roughly the same. In addition, as the number of pre-registered users exceeded 300,000, the official also added the compensation for the pre-registration activity. Players will be able to get paid in the gift box in the game. At the same time, we also open the Twitter image of each character’s Q version on the official website.



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