VR Version of “Mario Kart” Will Show up at More VR Experience Centers in the UK

The Mario franchise is one of the world’s best-known franchises and dates back to the earliest days of video games. It has produced countless derivatives, including the Mario Kart series. This game is not only the first VR game in the old-fashioned kart game “Mario Racing” series, but also the first VR game of Nintendo’s IP. It can be said that Nintendo IP officially entered the VR field for the first time, and it is worth noting that Nintendo also agreed that Bandai Nanmeng Palace Entertainment uses HTC Vive as a device, which is once again breaking the principle that Nintendo insists that it can only launch its IP game on its own host.

Bandai Namco’s VR project manager talked of Mario Kart VR and the company’s plans to bring the product to more parts of the UK.

Mario VR will be stationed in the Hollywood Bowl VR Zone in London. After a huge success in Japan, this VR game is popular in the world. This is a 2-4 person VR experience that uses action-based VR to immerse players in the colorful world of Mario Racing.

The Mario Kart VR experience uses different tracks from the Mario Kart collection. The player is equipped with a VR head display and an HTC Vive tracker that is tied to the hand so that the player does not have to control the steering wheel all the time, and he could extend and grab the green shell or banana attached to the balloon, scatter them around the track, you can then throw it at his opponent.

Players can choose characters including Yoshi, Peach, Mario and Luigi. Players can attend the single-player game at a price of  £24.99 (GBP).

Bandai Namco plans to expand Mario Kart to other parts of the UK, and Tunbridge Wells’ VR Zone is ready to acquire the Mario Kart VR experience later this year. It also plans to expand into the Leeds Hollywood Bowl and further expand in Europe and the United States.


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