V-Ray 6 Update 1 released for Houdini

Chaos has announce the release of V-Ray 6 update 1.

One significant enhancement is improved skin shading, which effectively eliminates undue shine on skin, paving the way for more natural-looking characters. The update also introduces ‘Custom Light Decay,’ offering users full control over light emission to produce any desired lighting effect. This component boosts creative freedom and flexibility in scene creation.

Other New features include:

Bump to Glossiness

Eliminate excessive shine on skin for more natural-looking characters.

Custom Light Decay

Gain creative control over light emission and achieve any desired lighting effect.

Cylindrical Decal

Effortlessly apply stickers and labels to cylindrical objects, matching their surface curvature.

Decal Additive Bump

Blend surface and decal bumps for realistic effects such as embossed logos or textured surfaces.

Enhanced Procedural Clouds

Customize cloud density, darkness, patterns, and add contrails for stunning skies.

Transfer Data Between Applications

Seamlessly exchange USD data across Maya, 3ds Max, and Houdini for smooth collaboration without manual conversions.

More Profiling Data

Gain insights into scene export time, geometry compilation, and other performance info.

Faster Time to First Pixel

Achieve quicker rendering with optimized geometry compilation and hair rendering.

NVIDIA AI Denoiser Upscaling

Generate faster previews and accelerate lookdev up to threefold with AI denoiser integration.

V-Ray Light Material Post-processing

Modify self-illuminating objects’ looks even after rendering.

Masking Support for Post Effects

Apply lens effects selectively without re-rendering for faster adjustments.

[V-Ray GPU] Compressed Textures

Optimize memory usage for texture-heavy scenes without sacrificing quality.

[V-Ray GPU] Mesh Mode Support for V-Ray Clipper

Render cutaways and sections easily with animated clippers and mesh objects.

Further enhancing workflow efficiency, the new ‘Masking Support for Post Effects’ allows for the selective application of lens effects without re-rendering. Additionally, V-Ray GPU now supports compressed textures and mesh mode for V-Ray Clipper, optimizing memory usage and making it easier to render cutaways and sections with animated clippers and mesh objects.

For detailed information, please check: chaos.com

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