Uproar in Heaven, 4K restoration version

Uproar in Heaven, 4K restoration version


“Uproar in Heaven” is the first animated feature film since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It took  four years by the older generation of animators of the Shanghai Art Film Studio to producer more than 100,000 drawings with hand-painting.

In the past, hand-drawn animations were mostly shown in the form of film, which inevitably caused low clarity, color distortion and flaws, same as Uproar in Heaven. The 4K restoration version of Uproar in Heaven uses a variety of AI repair techniques to improve the old blurred picture definition to 4K which is supplemented by manual tuning to eliminate flaws while maintaining the artistic effect of the original film. In order to get a more comfortable auditory effect.  The sound quality is also improved by the engine audio technique with optimizing the excessive noise.

Over the past few decades, the charm of the movie has never been diminished and has already become a constant legend for generations of adults. Today, Uproar in Heaven has a 9.4 score on Douban, which is the peak of Chinese animation.

The 12th Beijing International Film Festival announced a list of films, where the 4K restored version of The Uproar in Heaven appeared in the “Restoration Classic” section.The film achieved its first 4K resolution restoration through AI technology, and the 4K restored version premiered on the big screen.

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