Unreal inSiggraph2022

SIGGRAPH 2022 is coming up fast, and we’re thrilled to see you all in person again! Join us in Vancouver from August 8-11 for an all-day metaverse course; sessions on MetaHumans and digital identity; an exclusive talk from Chris Gallagher (SCAD); and more.

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Sessions at a Glance

Building the Open Metaverse

This is a no-hype introduction to what it would take to build an open metaverse. We’ll get into the current pillars and the possible paths ahead, touching on 3D-first computing, interoperability, game engine ecosystems, scaling users/worlds, and how content creation might change with the help of Neal Stephenson (!), NVIDIA, Roblox, and more. Don’t miss it.


Pushing the Boundaries of Real-Time Characters with MetaHumans

Join the team at ShapeShifters Creative to dive into the power of MetaHumans with this session focused on cinematic storytelling in real time.


Shaping the Future of Animation

Explore a new era of storytelling made possible by real-time animation techniques, including how iteration enhances creativity, with Chris Gallagher of SCAD.


Building 3D Worlds in UE with Quixel Megascans and Reality Capture


Learn how Megascans, UE5, and Reality Capture came together on a recent Ninety Days challenge project, with insights into virtual production content, democratizing world building, and more.


MetaHumans & Digital Identity

Digital humans are bringing a new era of self-representation which, combined with greater social engagement on game platforms, brings up myriad questions. We’ll share what we’ve learned in this unique look at design issues around digital identity.


Future Skills for the Metaverse

Meet the companies that are successfully developing immersive 3D content, metaversal experiences, and imaginative ways to engage audiences, from strategy to execution.



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