Ubsoft’s New Training Plan

“Origin·Plan” is Ubisoft Shanghai’s first game talent training program for domestic and foreign universities. Ubisoft will select ten of the most promising students from home and abroad to join its plan in the three core departments of the programming, the design and the art for six months. From the very beginning, they will be instructed by the senior artists who have been working in Ubisoft’s 3A games for more than ten years, and lay a solid professional foundation in the process of actual practice. In the end, the students who pass the assessment will become the official employees of Ubisoft Shanghai and participate in the core production of the 3A projects.

In the first month, the students will first get familiar with the departments, understand the company’s basic information, and get in touch with Ubisoft’s new engine and some related software tools. After that, the students will study Ubisoft’s game production pipeline for the next two to three months, and under the instructions, they will get some more advanced learning; After a comprehensive understanding of Ubisoft’s entire research and development, the students will independently undertake some primary tasks from the third month and continue to polish their skills in the actual production.

The instructors are from the department of game program, design and game art with more than 10 years of 3A game development experience, and participated in the production of “Splinter Cell”, “Ghost Recon”, “FarCry” series etc..

Ubisoft appeals to the students who have the passion, creativity, and learning ability in the game field: Ubisoft will test and select the best students through a series of rigorous tests and make sure they will be the origin of the future good productions in Ubsoft.

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