Tokyo Announces Tokyo Animation Pitch Grand Prix Winners!

Tokyo Animation Pitch Grand Prix: Outline

Results from the 10th of Feb, 2022

In the Tokyo Animation Pitch Grand Prix, participants showcased the advanced know-how and skills, that had acquired through a series of seminars and workshops.

Entrants competed for prize money and the opportunity to exhibit their animation work in overseas markets. The winning companies have now taken their first steps toward gaining global recognition.

Top Prize Winner:

Sunny Side Ups : Studio Selfish LLC, Suginami-ku

Other Prize Winner:

Timid Muumuu : Artworks   Hachioji-city

The last diviner, Hana : EKURA ANIMAL.Inc. Nishi-Tokyo-city

BYTHEWAY, an adventuring alien : Kanaban Graphics, Ltd. Nakano-ku

Cup of Love : Memi Nojiri    Shibuya-ku

Sunny Side Ups :

A five-year-old girl, Emmy, is an alien who looks exactly like an Earthling. She comes to Earth, she’s always dreamed of. Whenever Emmy encounters something new and interesting, she transitions to “pretend play” with her friends, employing her special imaginative capacity.

Doing this pretend play with Emmy is so thrilling that it becomes a whole new world!

Emmy and her friends ride banana boats, play on a giant apple peel slide, and work together to tame a pineapple monster.

The children come from various backgrounds and each is unique. They sometimes clash with one another, but they enjoy Emmy’s world of “pretend play” with its freedom of imagination and variety of ideas.

This is a comedy series, full of imagination in which children enjoy “encountering new happenings” from a child’s perspective.


This is a delightful story which stimulates and encourages the creative imagination of children. Since Emmy is an alien, it is easy to accept her outlandish attitudes and “differences” in values. Through this story, you will feel that “uniqueness is wonderful”, “being different is interesting”, and “having friends” is fun.

This project is intended to build a foundation for enjoying diversity while watching and laughing at the animation.


Planning: Taka Kato, Emi Ozawa

Director / Character design / Art director: Taka Kato

Production Partner: Flying Ship Studio, Inc.

Producer: Emi Ozawa

©Studio Selfish LLC

Studio Selfish LLC

Studio Selfish LLC is established in December 2021 and represented by Taka KATO (Takako KATO), participates in projects both in Japan and abroad, focusing on planning and producing animations and stories, picture books and character design, aiming to bring “small happiness” to children around the world.

Achievements under the name, Taka KATO: Baby TV [Rocco] (director and designer), HTB [On-chan] (director). “Doggy Bones in Twinkle Winkle Somewhere Land” won the Tokyo Anime Award 2009.

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