‘To The Bright Side’ Looks Unlike Other Chinese Animated Features

China’s homegrown cg films, many of which remix mythology into action-heavy fantasy, are a growing force at the domestic box office. But the country’s feature animation industry is also maturing in another way: in terms of styles, stories, and formats, it is increasingly diverse.

As a sincere work that embodies the Chinese “love and beauty”, Take To the Bright Side, a new seven-part anthology film that probes the theme of childhood from various angles. To The Bright Side, a sincere work of “love and beauty” of The Chinese people, is adapted from seven original picture books, focusing on ordinary stories and bringing a wonderful visual feast To The fans through rich plots, full characters and simple theme. Each part is directed by different people, in the form of watercolor, ink, hand painting, paper cutting and so on, it also brings fans a simple and pure original masterpiece. The rhythmic arrangement of the story opens up a diverse, joyful and wonderful “childhood treasure” for children and adults alike, and opens up new possibilities for domestic animated films. The film will be released on January 15th, a journey of love is about to heal!

The trailer released can smell the taste of “home” across the screen. Whether it is those unforgettable delicacies or the full care and company of parents, it makes people feel happy in the bottom of their hearts. This trailer shows us the leaving home, farewell, bereavement, and loneliness that we may face as we grow up. But along with it, there is also the love of parents, the friendship of friends, the love between generations, the bond of siblings, and even the kindness of gifts from strangers. These will remind us of those long-lost warmth and set out for love without hesitation. Towards the bright side is the place where there is love, the place that illuminates childhood called “home”.

‘To The Bright Side’ was produced by Shanghai Original Film Co., LTD., Shanghai Soybean Network Technology Co., LTD., Youyang (Tianjin) Animation Culture Media Co., LTD., Beijing Kaisheng Culture Media Co., LTD., and Sanwuchu (Xiamen) Science and Technology Education Co., LTD.

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