The VideoTech Innovation Awards 2022

The VideoTech Innovation Awards is the ultimate celebration for companies and individuals that are revolutionising today’s global video industry. It will be held in Church House Vestminster London on Nov. 16, 2022.

There are 16 catagories for the events, including:

  • Advanced TV Innovation of the Year
  • Advanced TV Service of the Year
  • Next Gen Advertising (Supply Side) Award
  • Next Gen Advertising (Demand Side) Award
  • Live-streaming Initiative of the Year
  • NEW: UX and Content Discovery Award
  • NEW: Streaming Technology of the Year
  • NEW: Streaming Service Innovation of the Year
  • NEW: FAST Innovation of the Year
  • NEW: The Customer Journey Award
  • NEW: The Revenue Security Award
  • The Sustainability Award
  • AI and Machine Learning Innovation of the Year
  • Video Technologist of the Year*
  • Lifetime Achievement Award*


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