What Are Chinese Wuxia Animations?

As the popular genre among Chinese animations, wuxia is frequently mingled with other elements like Xuanhuan, Xianxia and even mecha in Chinese animations.

The word “Wuxia“, originating from the pronunciation and pinyin of Chinese word “武侠” (wǔ xiá), refers to the Martial Arts 武术 (wǔ shù) and Kongfu 功夫 (gōng fu) in Chinese culture (that the character “武” stands for), and also a group of people who are good at Martial Arts and acting as a “侠” with the spirit and belief to help the weak and uphold justice in the martial world, in which the character “侠” could be roughly understood as Chinese heroes with strong and skillful martial-arts ability.

Chinese Wuxia Animations

Chinese Wuxia Animations is a popular segment among the Chinese animes and animations, equivalent to martial arts animations. It generally tells the story that the commons become stronger or powerful martial heroes through fighting, skillful practice, physical/mental cultivation, and even obtaining supernatural abilities, blending with multiple plots to enrich the story including romance, friendship, revenge, eliminating the bad or evils, skills upgrades, etc. And it’s expected that one or more of the following upcoming Chinese wuxia animations list would become the outstanding ones in 2021 and the future.

Here is Chinese Wuxia anime series between 2021-2023:

The Hot-blooded 3D Wuxia Animation:“Youths and Golden Coffin Season 2” was realesed on July 2021 on Bilibili

As one of the best Chinese Wuxia Animation Series of 2020, it’s the 2nd Season scheduled to be airing in the mid-year 2021. The new season will continue to give a showcase of the youth martial world and young heroes with the storytelling that a rookie guy Lei Wujie and the mystery host of the Xueluo Resort Xiao Se, go forward together into the largest Xueyue city. After meeting other young martial heroes, they are not only involved in complicated disputes within the whole martial world but also dragged into struggles among the imperial families.

Chinese Humorous Wuxia Animation:“Are You OK Season 2” will be released on end of 2021 on iQiyi

It’s obviously another upcoming Chinese Wuxia animation 2021, the sequel to the namesake as well. The story tells a group of modern time-travelers back into the ancient, with the ideal expectation for advanced civilization and innovations, have to be faced with series of challenges and unpredicted risks, as well as the continuous funny conflicts and fightings against the ancients.

Fantasy anime ” Fights Break Sphere” is adapted from a fantasy novel of the same name by Tiancidou, a writer from Qidian Chinese Website. It tells the story of Xiao Yan, a genius who created a family cultivation record, who suddenly becomes a disabled man and finally achieves brilliance through arduous cultivation.

The first season of the animation was broadcast on Tencent Video on January 7, 2017, with bilibili synchronous broadcast, a total of 12 episodes; The special will air September 30, 2017. The second season was released on Tencent Video on March 3, 2018; Special episode 2 “Songs of Sand” was aired on April 14, 2019. The third season premiered on Tencent Video on July 21, 2019. Season 4 will air every Sunday starting March 28, 2021.

New Chinese Wuxia Original:“The Flame Imperial Guards” will be released in 2021(not confirmed date) on iQiyi

The Flame Imperial Guards, Chi tan jin yi wei, The upcoming Chinese Wuxia Animations List 2021-2023, Preview Martial Arts Animations

It is the first 3D Wuxia Animation produced by the iQiyi team. The flame imperial guard Qin Hu, with a strong sense of responsibility and chivalrousness, gets involved in a big staggering intrigue with his companies on account of investigating a weird murder case and forced to reveal his birth secret covered for decades.

Fantasy anime “Douluo Dalu from The Master of Mordor” is adapted from the novel.

Tang door disciples tang three, because of stealing to learn the door for the tang door, jumped cliff mingzhi found not dead, but to another identity came to another world, a world belonging to the soul, called douluo mainland. There is no magic, no fighting, no martial arts, but there is a magic spirit. Everyone here, at the age of six, will awaken in the temple of the soul. Soul has animals, plants, utensils, soul can assist People’s Daily life. And some of the particularly good soul can be used to practice and fight, this career, is the most powerful and most glorious career on the mainland “soul division”.

Small tang three in the holy soul village began his soul division practice road, and the initiation of the revitalization of the Tang door dream. When the Tang door secret came to the mainland, when the tang three soul awakening, he can in this piece of soul world cast tang door glory

It contains many elements of traditional Chinese culture. For example, it combines the visual style of traditional Chinese ink painting with ancient music played by flute and guqin.

Original-designed anime “The Bright Moon of the Qin Dynasty” follows the Qin Dynasty from when the Emperor of the Kingdom of Qin, Ying Zheng, conquered the other six kingdoms, to the rise of the king of Western Chu, Xiang Yu, who captured the capital city, Xianyang. It’s a national creation series of animation. It tells the story of jing Tianming, a young man with the blood of a hero, who eventually grows up to be a hero of the world and affects the course of history.

It was produced by Hangzhou Xuanji Technology Information Technology Co., LTD., directed by Shen Leping, and premiered on February 14, 2007.

“Nirvana of Storm Rider” is the first original Chinese animation produced by Guangzhou Chaowei Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. and Tencent Penguin Film culture Communication Co., LTD. “The Storm” animation adapted from Ma Rongcheng’s classic IP “The Storm”, “is a” Chinese style X martial arts X science fiction “mixed type of animation works.

The building of the world do not fall convention, is not only full of near future temperament, cyber punk wind city and grand in outdoor landscape, the giant Buddha statues and buildings in neon at night, the city fortress and desert in the evening sunset with two young dressing a classic martial arts style, its red and blue ancient weapon model as the cold ones. Exquisite and strange pictures, appropriate style blend, few sense of disharmony, let a person find new and refreshing.

“Nirvana of Storm Rider” is super Dimension Interactive entertainment’s first K12+ as the target audience of the original animation drama, produced by Blue Arc Animation, will be exclusive online Tencent video.

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