The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF)

OIAF22 Kids Jury Coordinator: Pilar Newton-Katz and get ready to debate with your fellow animation fans to decide the winner of our animation for Young Audiences categories.

Young Audiences Program

Kids Jury

The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) 2022 Kids Jury is a unique opportunity for animation enthusiasts ages 8-12 to judge animation made for young audiences at North America’s largest animation festival.

Ten kid jury members will be divided into two juries to judge one of the two Young Audiences categories at OIAF on Saturday, September 24.


Each jury member and their family will be given a complimentary AnimaPass to enjoy the entire festival.


The ten selected jury members will be invited to the Festival on Saturday, September 24 for Family Day at the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG). The kids will spend the morning judging the short films in one of two Animation for Young Audiences competitions – Preschool or Ages 6-12 – then they will take a snack break, and deliberate with OIAF22 Jury Coordinator Pilar Newton-Katz. The two juries will decide on a winner for their respective categories. At 7 pm, everyone will meet again at the National Arts Centre (NAC) where the kids will present the awards to the winning filmmakers at the OIAF awards ceremony.


Family Day at OIAF22

The OIAF presents Family Day at the OAG!


A highlight for younger animation fans is Family Day at the OAG on Saturday, September 24!

The day features screenings, talks and hands-on workshops that will give your kids a taste of a real animation festival.

The screenings offer a chance to see films that offer different perspectives and kid-friendly stories that the whole family can enjoy.

Best of all, tickets are free for kids 12 and under!

The Family Day program happens every year at the Festival – join us in-person Saturday, September 24.


Animation Celebration

Field Trip! The OIAF invites elementary school students and their teachers to attend this one-hour screening and talk with an animation professional that will give your students an inside look at the art of animation.


Past speakers have included representatives from Aardman Animation (Wallace and Gromit), the National Film Board of Canada and Laika (Coraline).


Stay tuned for youth programming announcements in September!


This free event for local elementary school students (ages 8-12, Grade 3 and up) takes place on Wednesday, September 21 at the OAG – 10 Daly Ave

The sit-down presentation is offered at 11:00 am or 1:00 pm.

Before or after the presentation, visit or book a tour or activity with the OAG at on their website.


Teachers, reserve a spot for your class:


Resources for Young Audiences

The OIAF is happy to offer the following free resources year-round for families and teachers to help young audiences experience animated films, workshops, and behind-the-scenes features.


OIAF Animation for Young Audiences Playlist

Enjoy a selection of past OIAF picks for the entire family, presented by Shaw Rocket Fund! The films in this showcase were screened between 2016 and 2019 at OIAF in competition as part of the Animation for Young Audiences programs. The OIAF is an Oscar-qualifying film festival, running every September in Canada’s Capital since 1976.


For more information, please check:

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