the latest game releases in Latin America –The Death into Trouble

The Death into Trouble

The Death into Trouble is an homage to platform games from the 80s and 90s. In the game we follow The Death, who had a bad day at work and ended up changing the fates of his clients sending them inversely to heaven or h

The Death had a bad day at work and changed the destinations of his clients. Whoever should go to heaven went to hell or purgatory and the other way around. Now he will go after each one to undo the mess before the boss realizes it.

Non-linear exploration, search for and recover souls in each world, while avoiding enemies and overcoming obstacles. If a soul’s destiny is hell, it will try to escape when it notices your presence, to avoid this, hide, walk slowly and catch it off guard.


  • Non-linear exploration in a 2D world;
  • 3 unique worlds with secrets, enemies and souls to collect;
  • heavily focused on exploring;
  • Stealth elements;
  • Original retro wave soundtrack based on requiem pieces;

Lonesome Village

Lonesome Village is the new project by the Mexican videogame studio, Ogre Pixel. Join Wes, a coyote who encounters a cozy town, that after the appearance of a creepy tower, all the villagers disappeared mysteriously.

Lonesome Village is a cozy, quiet town struggling to rebuild after a strange calamity wiped out their homes.

Take the role of Wes the coyote and help bring this village back from the brink of destruction in a puzzle-filled life sim!

Game Features

  • Gorgeous, inviting art style – Lonesome Village is the perfect place to rest up after a long day adventuring.
  • Discover a detailed and fascinating world full of mystery and adventure.
  • Solve mind-bending puzzles to gain entry to and make your way up a mysterious magic tower, one dungeon at a time.
  • Hang out and make friends with a variety of cute characters.
  • Save villagers from a perilous stay in the tower and help bring them back home to Lonesome!
  • Make Lonesome your home – earn land in the village and build and customize your house inside and out.
  • Help Lonesome grow by working in your garden and fishing in the nearby lakes.
  • Discover the gripping story of Lonesome’s origins and learn about Wes’s secret past.

The Cinquini’S

George Miles is a lonely man who carries a violent past. One night in a bar, he meets Scott Mackenzie, a drunk gambling addict who invites him to a robbery.  The Cinquini’s is a national game in production which will be release in Agost 2222.

Uma jornada indie: Ghostein

In 2020, Ghostein won the Best Narrative GJ + 2018 at BIG Festival. After that, the Portuguese publisher Nerd Monkeys became interested in the game and invited us to the Short Games Collection for Switch, which was launched in October this year and already has great reviews.


QUByte Interactive, in partnership with MiniCactus Games, is pleased to announce their new brand game Underland already available for Nintendo Switch, PS4 / 5 and Xbox One and Series X|S. Underland is a platformer puzzle, where you guide your astronauts through different kinds of obstacles.

Underland is a platformer puzzle, where you guide your astronauts through the different kind of obstacles. The player must use the elements available in the environment, like the use excavators, pumps, pipes, cannons, drones and dynamic platforms to combine the direction of the path with the physics of the elements to succeed and reach the next elevator. The story has as protagonists the astronauts who set out in search of a new habitable planet have just returned from their failed mission. However, a surface of the Earth is no longer habitable and it has been discovered that a remaining population now lives underground. The supposed path is buried and the only alternative is to dig and dig in the underground city.


  • Challenge puzzles that involve physics
  • Simple controls
  • Unique gameplay
  • Pixel art style
  • Amazing Soundtrack with several songs

Damn Dolls

QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Game Nacional is pleased to announce our brand new game called Damn Dolls that will be available for Nintendo Switch on October 11. Damn Dolls is a first-person horror that explores a set in an abandoned house in the forest.

Damn Dolls is a first-person horror explore that set in an abandoned house in the forest. You are Suzi and your best friend “Ana” is missing and the only evidence you have is that “Ana” was seen near this mansion, that the former owner of the property was killed by local residents for being accused of kidnapping and killing a girl. You will find presences in the house that do not want your company, like three possessed dolls and a big creature with huge teeth. Be careful, this game has several Jump Scare and is inspired by a lot of games of terror and suspense.


  • A lot of exploration and a variety of enemies;
  • Weapons to eliminate the dolls;
  • Satisfactory sound effect;
  • Jump scare;
  • Unique puzzles;
  • Simple controls and mechanics;

Red Ronin

QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Wired Dreams Studio, is pleased to announce our new brand game Red Ronin that will be available for Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, Xbox One and Series X|S. ​​Red Ronin is a Tactical Turn-based but fast paced with real time and dash ‘n slash game where a bloodthirsty ronin and her companion bot searches for revenge.

Red Ronin is a Tactical Turn-based but fast paced with real time and dash ‘n slash game where a bloodthirsty ronin and her companion bot searches for revenge. The game brings a lot of simple movement concept mixed with creative puzzles that increasing complexity during the game. Red is a swordsman who decides to get revenge on her former teammates after being abandoned on a complicated mission. The task will not be easy, as your targets are protected by numerous violent thugs. To reach her goal, the assassin enlists the help of Isaac, a robot that provides tactical support during incursions. As usual, there is more to the initial premise and the story is gradually deepened.


  • 5 hours of turn-based combat through several handcrafted levels;
  • Turn-based but fast paced unique combat system and open-ended puzzles
  • Unveil and follow Red’s revenge plot
  • Unique gameplay
  • Pixel art style
  • Amazing Soundtrack with several songs


Evertried, the new turn-based rogue-lite developed by Lunic Games in partnership with the indie developer Danilo Domingues, is available on Steam, GOG, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One / Series S|X and Playstation 4|5. Published by Dangen Entertainment.


Brazilian Survival Horror game, launches Steam page and teaser.  The game is scheduled for release in the second half of 2023 and will be available, also for Playstation. Kriophobia follows Anna’s story, a young geophysicist who goes to Zhokhov Island to investigate magnetic anomalies.

The Cold is Just the Beginning

A science expedition was sent to Zhokhov Island to study recent occurrences of magnetic anomalies in the region. Amongst them was Anna, a young geophysicist, along with her mentor and a small military crew. As her group investigates the cause of the anomalies on the island, a sequence of disastrous events unroll trapping them in an unknown underground military complex, under the extreme cold of the Russian climate. Now, Anna desperately tries to survive and find a way out, but something down there disturbingly draws her deeper, and that unknown haunting place bizarrely welcomes her more and more…

Kriophobia is a survival horror in third person, inspired by the old-school games of the same genre. Immerse yourself in a Cold and Inhuman World of Mad Obsession, Extremist Patriotism and Disturbing Relationships, presented with a Unique Art-Style that mixes comics and painting.


  • Immersive psychological horror storyline that explores a twisted and abandoned world
  • Hidden Past Secrets to be found, inspired by real events from Russia’s Darkest Times
  • Cold, Obscure and Terrifying scenarios to be Explored
  • Evasive Combat centered on fleeing and hiding from gruesome abominations.
  • Survival with Limited Resources against Freezing Temperatures in a hostile place
  • Dark Visual Style that blends Comics and Painting in a unique way
  • Fully Illustrated Game World displayed with modern Static Cameras
  • An Exclusive Russian-Inspired soundtrack
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