the Ibero-American Animation League

Animation! Ventana Sur (Argentina), together with the Premios Quirino de la Animación Iberoamericana  (Tenerife) and Pixelatl Festival (Mexico), joined forces to create La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana (the Ibero-American Animation League).

This alliance aims to promote the creation and development of audiovisual projects across the region, consolidating collaboration bonds among Ibero-American countries.

In special partnership with the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market (MIFA), Latin American feature films and series projects were selected to be pitched in Animation! Pitching Sessions 2021 in Buenos Aires. The winners of this section, chosen by a jury composed of animation experts, plus the selected project from the Animation! Mentoring Program for Female Creators and a short film project awarded at Shortway / Pixelatl are part of the special program La Liga Focus @MIFA.

Winner at Animation Pitching Sessions 2021 – Feature Film


Alex Agurto Quesada – Peru

After the eclipse announces the arrival of the Supay, God of the Underworld, Yori, Ch’aska and Sach’a, three young Chaskis, will meet Sami, a baby with mysterious abilities. While traveling through the Andes, the Chaskis must prevent the Supay from capturing Sami, the key to destroying the world.


Alex Agurto Quesada: [email protected]

Mario Santillana Vargas: [email protected]

Winner at Animation Pitching Sessions 2021 – Feature Film


Felipe Rodríguez / Sebastián García (codirector) – Colombia

A giant pink cloud of smog covers Cotton Bottom Town, and numbs the adults into a trance of work and submission. When Log and his band of friends try to discover what the cloud is hiding, they will be challenged by all sorts of mysterious conflicts and adventures.


Felipe Rodríguez: [email protected]

Selected from Animation! Mentoring Program for Female Creators – TV Series


Grace Cárdenas Cano – Peru

For Kitty Eight and his friends, Duckie Two and Dina Seven, every day is perfect for a brand new adventure, but they won’t be alone; their trustworthy magic crayon will be there to lend some magical help. All they have to do is use math to activate its magical powers!


Rebeca Venegas Gonzales: [email protected]

Grace Cárdenas Cano: [email protected]

Winner at Animation! Pitching Sessions 2021 – Feature Film


Silvia Prietov – Colombia

The clock that controls the universe’s time has been damaged, condemning Bogotá to relive Halloween day over and over again. Grandfather, Alicia and Rodrigo suspect their mysterious new friend Mortis might be behind it. They must solve the mystery and free humanity from this suspense and adventure loop.


Silvia Prietov: [email protected]

Winner at Animation! Pitching Sessions 2021 – TV Series


Rubens Belli – Brazil

Berg’s Books, the home and business of the Ksiazkaberg family, strives to remain standing in technological times, as we follow the 12 year-old son, Benny, who battles the insecurities of his age, balancing old and new, virtual and real, tradition and innovation.


Cao Quintas: [email protected]

Selected by La Liga in Shortway / Pixelatl – Short Film


Mila (Juan) Useche – Colombia

Stuck at an empty train station in Berlin, a young colombian woman befriends the ghost of La Llorona (the weeping lady) and inadvertently captivates each other to get over their sorrows.

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