The First Domestic Animation Grand Ceremony Closed, “The Wind Guardians” Wining Two Award

On September 8, the first “AniSpark Domestic Original Animation Festival” was held in Shanghai. The animated film “The Wind Guardians” produced by Beijing Rocen Digital Technology Corp., Ltd. won six nominations, the Best Animator (team) and Best Music in animated films. Yang Lei, vice president of Rocen, attended the awarding ceremony and accepted the award.

Hosted by 3wyu Entertainment,”AniSpark domestic original animation Grand Ceremony” is an industrial study platform in domestic ACGN field. The activity aims to discover and support the innovative ability of domestic original animation. This time, the festival received domestic excellent animation works produced after 2017, with three selection units – “Animated Series”, “Animated Films”, “Animated Shorts”. From the 118 animated dramas, 195 animated short films, and 17 animated films, 35 works were selected, with a total of 18 awards in 6 categories being awarded the “AniSpark Domestic Original Animation Festival” trophy.

“The Wind Guardians” is the first animated film based on Rocen Digital’s “HUAJIANGHU” IP, which has received much attention before being released. Fang Wenshan, a well-known lyricist in Taiwan, praised the work and jointly produced a promotion song with the same name with Huo Zun. In addition, the well-known Asian singer Alan, “Super Girl” champion circle 9, popular player of “The Rap of China” – Ai Re, respectively sang for the film, which received much acclaim from the industry.

The film was released on August 3 this year. According to statistics: “The Wind Guardians” has received more than 30 million box office on the first day, scored 9.2 points on MaoYan Movie, 8.9 points on Taopiaopiao, and 7.0 points on douban. It is the most popular domestic animation of the year. The film is also the only domestic adult-oriented animated film with a box office of more than 1 billion this year.

“The Wind Guardians” can be said to be inspiring for the whole industry. Behind its high reputation is the persistence of thousands of animators with an pursuit of high quality. The preparation period lasted for five years while production two years. There are hundreds of production teams behind the scenes, all of whom are Chinese native animation producers. To sum up with the words of director Liu Kuo: This is a pure Chinese-style animation that allows more professional animators to participate in animated film production, thus accumulating valuable experience and talents for the industry.

For Rocen, “The Wind Guardians” is not only an animated film made with painstaking efforts, but also an important part of its pan-entertainment layout. On the day of the release of “Wind Mantra”, the 3D animated drama “Drawing the Heroes of the Rivers and Lakes” produced by José Digital was broadcasted on major video platforms. On the same day, the game “Drawing Jianghu Owner: Xia Wei” was launched, and the number of users was over 5 million. The water flow broke 10 million yuan before the public beta, and the comprehensive iOS retention was 45.1%.

This kind of shadow, man, and multi-dimensional force of the “Ruo Sen model” was a great success in 2016, and built a well-known “painting rivers and lakes” brand matrix. Today, Russen Digital is based on its “Chivalrous” IP, and once again played a pan-entertainment combination boxing, taking the lead in entering the pan-Entertainment 3.0 era, and providing an important model for the development of the industry.

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