The campaign is now live!

Grow a cult! Worship your god! Come join our cult! Chasing Rats launches the Kickstarter campaign for their second game : Worship

The campaign is now live!


After launching community acclaimed physics based coop game ​Struggling ​ , ​Chasing Rats Games​ is proud to announce their new project coming to Kickstarter : ​Worship ​ ! Either in ​multiplayer ​or in ​solo mode​, enjoy this dark humoristic take on the roguelike genre with follower management mechanics inspired by ​Pikmin ​ !

In ​Worship ​ , ​manage ​your followers, ​perform rituals​ with your own (or their!) blood and ​explore​ a 2.5D monochromatic universe filled with puzzles and challenges.

Live as a cultist ​and be ready to show blind devotion for the old god of your choosing in the grim universe of ​Worship ​ . Surround yourself with faithful followers who’ll be glad to give up their life in exchange for the growth of your cult. Keep in mind their sacrifice won’t be in vain if you finally succeed in your quest to ​summon your God​..

Combining dark grim elements with humoristic touches in a ​black and white art style​ reminiscent of ​Don’t Starve ​ , Worship ​ promises stunning visuals with just a touch of color…blood red.

Kickstarter campaign will be live until : ​April 7th, 9h59AM EST Target game release date :​ 2022 Platforms : ​PC and consoles

Key features:

  • Perform rituals by drawing your blood and to unleash your God’s powers
  • Manage your army of devoted followers to interact with 5 unique factions
  • Explore a beautiful monochromatic world and solve challenging puzzles
  • Grow cults with up to 3 of your friends
  • Unlock new Gods to worship and ways to customize your followers after each game
  • Get worshipped and optimize your community experience with our streamer mode


About Chasing Rats

Chasing Rats Games is an indie video games studio located in Montreal founded in 2018. They are eager to bring their flavor to the Indie scene by making unique and off-the-wall experiences with a big emphasis on multiplayer and exotic moments well fitted for streaming and replayability.


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