The Adventure of Afanti Publishing Concept Posters

Do you still remember the Gold Plant and Selling the Tree Shade in the Tales of Afanti? Widely-known since we were young, these stories have accompanied the growth of several generations. Separated for years, audiences can now see their old friend Afanti again. The 3D Animated Film The Adventure of Afanti tells the story of an unexpected drought breaking the peace of life in Grape City. Trusted and enjoined by the folks, Afanti stepped on the adventurous journey of seeking the water source, crossing the gobi and deserts with his old enemy Bayi and the Water Utility Officer Hazi. During their trip, he found a larger secret plot. The film is going to be on screen on the National Day on Oct. 1st, 2018.

Concept Posters

 First Concept Poster – the Return of Clever Afanti 

“Rescuing the Grape City together during the National Holiday” – A lately-released poster of the 3D animated film The Adventure of Afanti reminds the audience of their childhood. The overall tone of the poster is fresh and bright, echoing with the joyous atmosphere in the holiday. In the center of the poster returns Afanti who rides a donkey. Afanti is still the envoy of righteousness who blinks with wisdom in his eyes and wears a goatee beard. Distinct from the images we saw in childhood, both Afanti and the donkey have taken on a new appearance, looking more gorgeous and intelligent than before. What kind of novel adventures are the two partners going through in this film?

Apart from the brand new images, The Adventure of Afanti incorporates a number of funny elements in character-setting. How will Afanti and his “Permanent Enemy” Grandpa Bayi entangle with each other? The wise heroes will embark upon a thrilling and interesting journey with partners to reveal the huge secrets of the water scarcity in Grape City.

The Monkey King

Absent for 39 Years, Classics of Shanghai Animation Film Studio Refreshing our Childhood Memories

The 3D animated film The Adventure of Afanti is reminiscent of Shanghai Animation Film Studio, an animation corporation with the longest history, the most film productions and IP in China. Its productions take up 80% of the domestic cartoon market, including classics like The Monkey King, Snow Kid, The Legend of Sealed Book, Black cat Sheriff, Calabash Brothers, Music Up, Bigear Tutu and so on.The cartoons made by Shanghai Animation Film Studio not only make  childhood memories for the audience, but constitute the history of Chinese Animation. The Adventure of Afanti will inherit the classic story in the custody of Shanghai Animation Film Studio.

The Legend of Sealed Book


Mr.Black: Green Star



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