The 2018 Annual Meeting of the China Children‘s Film Association was held in Beijing

On December 7, the 2018 annual meeting of China Children’s Film Association was held in Beijing in 2018. As one of the important parts of the annual meeting, the “Children’s Film Development Forum for the 40th Anniversary of Reforming and Opening up” inaugurated. More than 100 people attended the forum, including domestic industrial experts and people dedicated to the children’s film industry from all walks of life.


China Children and Teenagers Film Association Annual Meeting

Progressing with the Initial Intention, the Forum Carries a Profound Meaning

Hosted by Hou Keming, president of CCFA and professor of Beijing Film Academy, the forum featured the theme of “Holding on to the Initial Intentions and Making Progress with Every Effort”. Over the past 40 years since reforming and opening up, several generations of filmmakers have made great achievements and painstaking efforts for domestic children’s films. They have also made brilliant achievements and experienced difficult times in the trend of marketization. General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the general goal of “Winning the Great Victory of Building a Well-off Society in an All-Round way and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era” in the Nineteenth National People’s Congress of CPC. Chinese children’s films have also met new development opportunities. The forum was held in the spirit of the 19th National People’s Congress. Many honored guests shared their experience and thoughts on children’s film creation, distribution, marketing, animation production, film and television education from different aspects of the industry chain. Among them were Fang Gangliang, a well-known director who has won domestic and international awards for films “A Unique Schooling”, “Looking for Jakie”, “My Running Shadow “; Yang Dan, Senior Vice President of Beijing Weying Technology Co.Ltd; President of Children’s Film Studio and Vice President of China Children Film Association, Huang Jun; Dr. Luo Hui from Beijing Film Academy; Associate Professor of Animation School of Beijing Film Academy and director Chen Liaoyu, and Liu Mingfei from Yuxin Primary School of CNU. In the second half part of the forum, the famous writer and playwright Zhang Zhilu gave a lecture titled “Literature and Imagination in Children’s Films”, vividly explaining the creation rules of children’s literary and artistic works. In today’s movie production, “external factors” such as audio & visual effects are getting more and more attention. However, he emphasized that literariness is still an “inner factor” that children’s movies can’t discard, and should even be paid more attention to. Valuing literature and people’s recognition helps integrate education and entertainment into the creation of children’s works. Zhang Zhilu, who has won China Andersen Award and has been nominated for Hans Christian Andersen Award, also explained the role of imagination in children’s film creation with the example of his own works.

The famous screenwriter and writer Zhang Zhilu delivered a speech on "Literature and Imagination in Children's Films".
The famous screenwriter and writer Zhang Zhilu delivered a speech on “Literature and Imagination in Children’s Films”.

The organizers selected a group of experts in the fields of directing, scriptwriting, distribution, animation, education, management and theoretical research. Each of them gave a speech, so that participants could systematically understand the history and current situation of Chinese children’s film development from various angles. There were historical reviews, experience summaries, and introductions to new technologies, trends and concepts, containing both rich practical information and thought-provoking theoretical summaries. The enthusiastic and wonderful speeches of the participating experts were highly appreciated by all the participants, which created a warm atmosphere on the scene.

Excellent Drama were Selected, Recommended and Displayed among Industrial Professionals

The highlight of the annual conference – the 3rd Outstanding Children Film Scripts Recommending Conference & Awarding Ceremony hosted by CCFA were held in Park Plaza Beijing Science Park. Guest Judges attending the conference included Yang Haibo, who has won Best Screenwriter of Golden Rooster Award, Former director of National Film Administration Art Department, professional screenwriter of China Film Group Corporation; Wang Zhebin, a scriptwriter of the Forbidden City Film Company; Ouyang Wen, chairman of Jiameng children’s film production company, a screenwriter and producer; Yu Renguo, co-founder of Magicbean Investment, co-founder of Dream City Co., deputy secretary general of Institute for Culture Creativity, Tsinghua University; Liu Jun, producer of films Shadow, L.O.R.D and Time Raiders and president of Beijing Dream Machine Film & Television Media Co., Ltd. Ren Haibao, deputy secretary-general of Beijing Film Association, Deputy Director of Beijing International Film Festival Publicity Department, and general manager of Blink Media, served as the Official Promotion Officer of the conference. Nearly 100 representatives of famous film & television investment institutions participated in commercial cooperation negotiations such as copyright purchase.

On the spot of the Outstanding Scripts Recommending Conference of the 3rd Scripts Collecting Event

Six award-winning works were presented at this Recommending Conference, including “Huan Zi”, “My Movie Age”, “Rui Xi Loves Xiaobai”, “the Pear Garden Boy”, “Little Eight Zhang Duofu” and “59”. First of all, the Official Promotion Officer gave a retrospective presentation on the excellent scripts selected in the past. Subsequently, the official Promotion Officer and script authors respectively elaborated in detail, covering “core highlights of the script”, “story outline and original intention of creation”, “emotional themes and values”, “developing trend of production” and so on. Next, experts and buyers inquired the script authors, to have a deep understanding of the storyline interpretation, follow-up creation plans, adaptation requirements, cooperation methods and prices. Demonstrations of the six works set up a communication bridge between creators and buyer teams, allowing the creators to  better understand key development trends of the children’s film industry. Authors and  teams at the scene all expressed that they had great gains. At the end of the Recommending Conference, the Official Promotion Officer gave an introduction to the other 7 works that won Outstanding Awards. More than 50 production companies and investors of the industry attended the Conference, making their statements, communicating and negotiating with the authors. Among them were Bona Film Group, Poly Films, Huayi Brothers Entertainment Investment Co., Ltd., Magicbean Investment, Wanda Pictures, China Film Stellar Theatre Chain co. Ltd., Zhujiang Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Dream Machine Film & Television Media Co., Ltd., Poly Film Investment Co. Ltd., Beijing International Film Festival, Shanghai Tencent Penguin Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (Tencent Pictures), Beijing Oriental Film Studios Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Qibaiqi Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing North Ying International Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Fa Xuan Film & Television Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Oriental Star Digital Film &Television Center, Beijing media Ltd., Beijing Huaying Planet International Culture Development Co., Ltd., etc. The guests and film producers gave high praise to the professionalism and script quality of the Scripts Recommending Conference.


The Third Session of the script collection event excellent script presentation meeting site

The Outstanding Children Film Scripts Recommending Conference created a platform for creation teams, investors and producers to display works and exchange ideas. Excellent scripts and projects were exposed to the whole industry chain, receiving the collective inspection of experts from the film market, investment, creation and other aspects. Attendees discussed and negotiated the children’s film script projects, and finally signed projects, which provided a new developing pattern for Chinese children’s films and further promoted the creation of children’s film scripts, project investment & financing, and film trading. The model of the Recommending Conference can be promoted and learned from as a development sample of the children’s film industry.

Wise Creations Were Awarded , the Attention and Participation of the Conference Increasing Year by Year

The scripts collection process lasted two months, during which more than 180 sets of works emerged nationwide. Finally a total of 13 prizes were selected, including First Prize, Second Prize, and Outstanding Prize. The awarding ceremony was hosted by the famous film star Yan Danchen. The event began with a speech by Mr. Hou Keming, president of CCFA. As the awarding started, Jiang Ping, general manager of China Film Group Corporation, first announced the list of outstanding awards winners. The 7 works that won Outstanding Awards were “Loulansaike”, “The ‘Pot’ of ‘Guoguo’”, “Spring of the Big Potato”, “Dream Town”, “Hide in Your Dreams”, “Run! Grandpa!”, “The Little Girl that Distributed Happiness”. Their awards were presented by Li Wei, Chairman of 1905 Film Network; Zhang Huixia, Manager of Production Company of Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd.; Lin Lining, Deputy Director of Film & TV Creation Department of CCTV-6 Program Center; Zhang Zhenqin, vice president of CCFA; Miao Miao, vice president of CCFA, Yan Hong, vice president of CCFA; Guo Jianhua, deputy to the NPC and general manager of Henan Xinhua Rural Digital Cinematic Chain Co., Ltd. Wang Xingdong, president of the China Film Literature Society, and Wang Zhebin, the screenwriter of Beijing Forbidden City Film Company, read the list of Second Prize winners. The 4 winners were “Rui Xi Loves Xiaobai”, “the Pear Garden Boy”、”Little Eight Zhang Duofu” and “59”. Their prizes were presented by Chen Junbin, general manager of Lizhi Film Co., Ltd.; Huang Xiaolei, secretary general of China Film Society Of Performing Art; Li Zhen, Deputy Secretary-General of CCFA; Shao Tong, Chairman of Lanzhou Film Studio. Dou Chunqi, former party secretary of CFGC, and Le Kexi, general manager of CFGC, read the list of First Prize winners – “Huan Zi” and “My Movie Age”. Their prizes were presented by Zhang Hong, vice chairman of  China Film Association and party secretary, and Zhao Baohua, deputy director of Script Writing Committee of the Chinese Film Association.


Luo Kexi, general manager of China Film Group Corporation, and Dou Chunqi, former party secretary of China Film Group Corporation, won the first prize


Zhang Hong, Vice Chairman of the China Film Association and Party Secretary, and Zhao Yuhua, Deputy Director of the Writer Working Committee of the China Film Association, presented the first prize.

It is reported that from the first session, the children’s film script collection activities have received attention from all walks of life. The author’s participation was enthusiastic, the author’s participation gradually expanded, the professional writer’s attention gradually improved, the script style was diverse, and the subject matter was continuously enriched. The author is the oldest 81 years old and the youngest 18 years old. The first script collection, the first prize of the script “Beautiful Childhood” was released in the country in July 2018, the script won the 12th batch of support projects of the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Support Project, the film in 2018 Bolivia La Paz International The film festival won the Best Children’s Film Award, the 9th Zhejiang Film “Phoenix Award” won the Outstanding Children’s Film Award and the Excellent Supporting Actress Award. Others such as “The Sun of A Mao”, “Sunshine Star Society”, “Happy Planet No. 36”, “Lover Woman”, “I haven’t grown up that year”, “Harshall’s Autumn” Some of the award-winning and unrecognized scripts such as Xiaobai and Liyuan Xiaozi have been filmed, and some are being filmed or ready to start shooting.

The promotion also emphasized the importance of film in the process of youth education. The president of the society, Hou Keming, mentioned: “Children’s movies are not a profitable industry, but more dedication, public welfare, and many public welfare undertakings. Functions and education are closely linked. Watching good movies is a useful supplement to in-class education.” Previously, China’s children’s film industry has been facing barriers with limited subject matter, low quality, and fewer people watching movies. China As a guide for the industry, the Children and Teenagers Film Society has been closely watching the spiritual world of children and adolescents in China, exploring the development mechanism of children’s films together with the various chains of the industry, encouraging the guidance of the creation of quality scripts, and guiding the output of high-quality children’s movies from the source. Let more children and young people share the film culture development results.

“Going out and introducing” to create an international children’s film exchange hub

As the most authoritative organization in the field of children’s film promotion and academic research in China, the China Children and Teenagers Film Association adheres to the implementation of the Film Industry Promotion Law, to enhance the creative quality of children’s films, and to enhance children’s film social influence and market possession. Keep working hard. The China International Children’s Film Festival, hosted by the China Children and Teenagers Film Society, has long been a window for children’s film creators around the world to understand the development of Chinese children and a platform for multilateral exchanges. In addition, the Society has actively promoted the “going out” project of Chinese films. Successfully held the China Children’s Film Festival in several countries, which enhanced the international influence of domestic children’s films; the Institute has set up exhibitions at the Berlin Film Festival for several years, and participated in the Beijing International Film Festival and the Hong Kong Film Festival in the past two years to promote Chinese children. Films have played a positive role in improving the artistic quality of children’s films. In order to promote the development and integration of children’s films, the China Children and Teenagers Film Society also attaches great importance to the “introduction” work – committed to creating more resources for the development of children’s films in China, so that our children and adolescents have access to many outstanding films from all over the world. Since 1989, the China International Children’s Film Festival has been successfully held for 13 times, and more than 30 outstanding children’s films from more than 50 countries and regions have been introduced to meet millions of Chinese children. Since 1997, the National Committee for the Coordination of Film and Television Education for Primary and Secondary School Students has recommended 38 batches of 471 outstanding children’s films to primary and secondary school students across the country. This outstanding children’s film script selection is based on the collection of outstanding children’s film scripts, inspiring the industry to continuously strengthen social responsibility, and constantly enhance creativity, from the “artistic”, “viewing” and “ideal” and other aspects, create for children A more positive and positive impact. I have always learned to adhere to the promotion and promotion of Chinese children’s film, promote and promote Chinese outstanding children’s films, and promote the screening of outstanding children’s films. Since 2017, we have organized the excellent film screening activities for children in the “Light and Shadow Tree People, 100 Cities”, and this year has grown to Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang, Hebei and other places. A number of recommended excellent films such as “The Cyclone Women’s Team”, “Awesome, My Country”, “The Summer of Maidou” and “The Dream of Heaven” are screened in various places. The preliminary statistics have shown nearly 300 games and more than 100,000. Children and children watched the film. Not only the screening of commercial cinemas, but also a number of schools and children’s palaces and other off-campus institutions have joined. The screening of children’s films is a project that the Society has been promoting. In 2012, the “2012·Children’s Film Recommended Screening Event” was held. 37 domestic children’s films and one imported children’s film participated in the event. Two events were held in 2015 and 2017. Undertake the “National Primary and Secondary School Film Week” organized by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The Society has also created an Internet “Children’s Film Zone” that integrates film promotion, data retrieval and point-and-click ordering with the National Digital Broadcasting Administration’s Film Digital Program Management Center in the Digital Program Center Promotion Website. So far, the Children’s Film Database has been Nearly 800 children’s films were launched. Since then, the China Children and Teenagers Film Association will continue to promote the Chinese film market to launch a number of influential children’s films and cartoons to further meet the needs of the children’s audience, and to become a children’s film art education hub in the country and the world. And an important cultural exchange platform.

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