Techland Will Reveal Never Before Seen Footage of Dying Light 2 During Gamescom 2019

Techland has announced that they will reveal previously unseen Dying Light 2 extended gameplay footage on Gamescom 2019. The exact reveal date for the gameplay reveal is August 26 at 11 am PDT. According to Techland, this will be the largest gameplay video that the developer has so far revealed from the upcoming survival game.

The complete video is nearly half-hour long and showcases different aspects of Dying Light 2 gameplay and playthrough of the main story. It will also show how player choices will affect the gameplay and their consequences for the rest of the world. Even the locations will change depending on the player choices in Dying Light 2 which would ultimately lead to changes in the world.

This is the very same gameplay demo which was presented behind closed doors at E3 2019 and now Techland is finally bringing the very same demo to Gamescom 2019 where the public will be able to see it finally. Players will be able to see the livestream and other updates across Techland’s Twitch, Facebook and Steam pages. This will be the biggest reveal of Dying Light 2 so far.

Dying Light 2 is the second game in the post-apocalyptic franchise which introduced parkour mechanics with survival making it one of the most unique games in the market. The second game will bring to life a unique post-apocalyptic vision of a Modern Dark Ages. It is a brutal, bleak and unforgiving reality where the player is neither safe from the living nor from the dead.

Players will need to rely on their survival instincts and parkour abilities to move around the world and try to survive as long as possible in the darkness. Another brand new mechanic introduced in the game is quick thinking which the players will need to make quick decisions and then be ready for their consequences.

Dying Light 2 is slated to release in Spring 2020 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

By: Umair Khalid

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