Successful mobile rhythm game Arcaea version 4.0 is live!

New songs & game mode and the long awaited end of the main story line!

The time has come for the successful free to play mobile rhythm game Arcaea to receive its main story conclusion. Arcaea is available on both Google Play and iOS and the game comes with over 50 songs for free! The new Course Mode is now live and accessible to all players. The latest Main Story Pack titled “Final Verdict” containing more than 4 additional songs can be purchased for $4.99.

About Arcaea

Inspired by the Japanese arcade game scene, Arcaea’s goal from inception was to bring the excitement of the in-person rhythm game community to every player around the world. Having reached 5 years of continuous service and achieved 8 million downloads worldwide, delivering sincere and powerful storyline experiences bridging tightly with gameplay in unique and surprising ways, Arcaea has fulfilled and surpassed its promises. Arcaea’s several and varied awe-inspiring secrets meant to amaze and be discovered by its fervent community have made it a striking success throughout Japan, China, Asia, and America.

With Arcaea’s main story reaching its finale, in order to entice any familiar with Arcaea or learning of it for the first time, Arcaea version 4.0 will offer a limited time bundle of the entire main storyline of the game prior to “Final Verdict” at a discounted rate. The bundle includes the Packs “Eternal Core”, “Vicious Labyrinth”, “Luminous Sky”, “Adverse Prelude”, and “Black Fate”, with a price that scales to the amount of Packs already owned by a player. To newcomers, the overall price is reduced to $20.

New Songs and Axiom of the End

Version 4.0 will also offer 4 new songs outside of Final Verdict’ to players at release. 3 of these are free to unlock in-game and additionally the notorious “PUPA” by モリモリあつし will be available for purchase through The Memory Archive in-game. That being said, as a tradition, players can of course expect very well hidden surprises. Designed to bond story and gameplay to an unprecedented degree, the “Axiom of the End” has players discovering almost every song in the Pack together by completing confounding challenges. These challenges aren’t merely things to be completed on one’s own, and are instead designed with the idea of a larger community in mind. The player base will need one another to see to the end of this difficult path.


Course Mode

Every major update to Arcaea has always included brand new features and version 4.0 is no exception. In addition to giving players the ability to “Favorite” both songs and characters, as well as general improvements across the app and its visual fidelity, the stand-out feature of version 4.0 is the new “Course Mode”. Course Mode is an endurance challenge “Boss Rush”-styled series of set courses of 4 songs each that players will be able to take on back-to-back. These courses feature some of the most well-renowned and challenging tracks in Arcaea, and offer an award of nameplates to give recognition to those who succeed at the almost overwhelming trials that await them.


Arcaea is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Players can get started playing for free and have immediate access to over a dozen songs,

with more free songs available to unlock by playing through the game.


Title: Arcaea

Genre: Rhythm game

Platform: iOS/Android

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Final Verdict Pack Trailer:


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