Stunning! “Spirited Away” Chinese Poster

Mr. Huang Hai’s new work is coming!

This time, he designed a Chinese version poster for “Spirited Away” (to be screened on 6.21).

“Spirited Away”new poster,

“Shou Wang”,

Designer: Huang Hai

“Shou” is the starting point: “I am standing on the steps of adults and children. It is the castle at the corner. Life is a long journey, don’t lose yourself.”

“Wang” is growth。

“The people we admire most should be ourselves,because only we ourselves will always accompany you along the way.Never look back, cross one mountain after another,overcome one hurdle after another. ”

In this version of the poster, real and virtual reflect each other.  Virtual is white dragon and faceless kid, real is Chihiro.

The poster also reveals the world in-between real and virtual in the film. Poster designer’s, Mr.  Huang Hai, his ability is recognized by the Japanese. As early as 2015, “Doraemon: Come with me” invited Huang Hai to design the Chinese version of the poster. The group of “Four Masterpieces” of Doraemon: Doraemon, Tamako Nobi, Jaiko, Peeko………indulged the Chinese audiences.

It heated up Japan! Huang Hai designed Miyazaki’s “My Neighbor Totoro” poster Chinese version which was stunning! And “there was no poster of this kind in China before him!”

He instantly raised domestic movie posters to the world’s top level, also praised by foreign media as “Rise of Chinese Design”.“Shoplifers”: “Hope not to disperse” poster, Director Hirokazu Kore-eda greatly appreciated it.The vivid Japanese ukiyo-e style make shines, and the image of the hand holding the umbrella is more unique.

“The Golden Era” series poster: His aesthetic is top-notch.

This  “Spirited Away” poster is some design you will never get tired of!Known as the “genius designer”, Mr. Huang also designed the posters of”Dying to Survive” “Shadow“,”The Grandmaster“, “The Golden Era” etc., a series of movie posters, which all gained praises.The main visual poster of the 53rd Golden Horse Film Festival was also the work of Huang Hai.

In fact, there have been official releases of two Chinese style fantasy posters of the famous painter, Zao Dao.  Those versions were extremely good too!The posters showed two sides of the story: the purplish  “dream version” symbolizes a kid’s fairy tale, while the bluish “real version” symbolizes the epitome of the adult world:

For young viewers, the story of Chihiro is as beautiful as a dream–entering a mysterious world by mistake, with incredible happenings.  For adults, growth is the process of breaking dreams.

“We can only accompany you that far, you have to go by yourself for the rest of the journey”

The ink style posters blurs the real and the virtual worlds, purplish dream, bluish reality, superpose each other.  It’s unclear whether it’s the dream or real world.In the picture, ghost train from the hidden world, gently moves in over the water.


The flag of Yubaba’s bathhouse still floating in the air, Chihiro exits riding on Haku and helps Haku to regain his name which is the most touching part throughout the whole film.


The Chinese famous cartoonist, Zao Dao, has a one of a kind painting style, elaborating Chinese elements vividly in a personal style.  As early as 2015, this “wild girl” has worked with Mr.  Huang Hai.  “The Return of the Monkey King” poster (international edition) was a collaboration work of the two, which received good credit then.

This time, these two did design “Spirited Away” posters respectively, which sufficiently reflected  the charm of this Miyazaki’s masterpiece. “Spirited Away” is the only one animated film in the world winning both the Golden Statuette and the Golden Bear Awards at same time.  The super fantasized background and painting created childhood dreams for the whole generation.

The movie is finally released for the first time in the Mainland on June 21, 18 years from the international premiere, what a timely adult rite!!Today, “Spirited Away” is still the champion of Japan box office at Yen 30.8 billion (about CNY1.9 billion).

Spirited Away” is about the venture in a mysterious world of a girl name Chihiro.  A ten years old girl, moved from urban to suburban, and during the transit, the unexpected happened.  They went in the weird world of Yubaba where lazy ones would be transformed into animals.  Chihiro’s parents were transformed into pigs while eating greedily.  To undo the spell on her parents, Chihiro went through various hardships, during which she met Haku, a smart and cool young guy.  At the end, Chihiro was able to rescue her parents as well as Haku.

Source:Shuhua Arts


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