“Spider-Man: Homecoming” Exposed its New Cast, Nick Fury and Pepper Potts Joined, while Iron Man not in

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” is in intense shooting now, its specific storyline and background not known to public yet. However, with new actors joining, the new cast has revealed some contents of the film.

The two officially-confirmed heavyweight franchisees are Samuel Jackson and Cobie Smulders, who continue to play their classic roles in the Marvel movie – Nick Fury and Maria Hill.

The one-eyed man who is not the director of Aegis is one of the most common faces of Marvel. From the egg of “Iron Man 1”, it has been published in the film “Re-Link 1, 2, 3” and “Beauty Team 2”. The key role of the entire Marvel universe, his joining has an important significance for the role of Spider-Man. He may take over Iron Man as a mentor to the little spider and guide the little spider to become a hero. It is worth mentioning that the role of Nick Fury will also appear in the “Amazing Captain” early next year, and is one of the main characters, because the story of “Amazing Captain” occurred in the 1990s, when Nick Fury is not the director of Aegis, and his eyes are still intact. It is very likely that the film will show his loss of one eye.

“Amazing Captain” leaked version of the surprise captain plainclothes and Nick Frye young version:

The latest exposure of the live video reveals another important card – Jon Feiru, the character of Hapy Hogan, who is a closely related character to Iron Man, in Iron Man III The songs and “Spider Heroes Return 1” are important roles.

In fact, Jon Feiru is the director of “Iron Man 1, 2”. Like Iron Man, it is the “Royal Power” of the Marvel Universe. His joining should provide some emotional and technical support to the spider, such as the possibility to provide Spider-Man with the latest version of the suit, because in the previous one he handed over the high-tech shirt made by Iron Man. On the hand of the little spider, the previous film has already been exposed, and Spider-Man will have a brand new version of the suit in the film.

According to the news of foreign media, another classic character, small pepper, will also join.

As an iron man’s girlfriend or wife, Xiaojiao is also closely related to Iron Man. She has also decided to join “Fulian 4”, and if it really joins the first Marvel movie after “Reunion 4”, at least The legend of Iron Man still has a great influence after “Reunification 4”.

The two new characters of the new exposure point to a question that everyone is most concerned about – Will Iron Man join “Spiderman Heroes Return 2”?

It is still unclear, if there will be a guest appearance, at least one thing will be explained, that is, Iron Man has not sacrificed in “Re-Link 4”.

(Although the timeline for Spider-Man Heroes Return 2 is not clear before or after the Infinity War, as the first film of Marvel’s fourth stage, there is no reason for the film to reproduce a prequel story.)

However, if Iron Man really sacrificed in “Re-Link 4”, then in the “Spider-Man Heroes Return 2”, the appearance of Happi and the little pepper should be more to deal with Iron Man.

Marvel’s next three movies, “Amazing Captain” will be released on March 8, 2019, “Avengers 4” will be released on May 3, 2019, “Spider Heroes Return 2” will be in 2019 Released on July 5.


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