“Smallfoot” Exposed the MV of “Overwhelming Pressure”, Arousing Resonance from Youngsters

The Hollywood fantasy animated film “Smallfoot” by Warner Bros. Pictures will be released on October 19th! Recently, the MV of “Overwhelming Pressure” version is exposed surprisingly, in which the “Smallfoot” Posey went aboard stage, singing to tell the story of his mental activities, which exposed the bitter experiences of the adventure show host behind the scenes! Funny yet arousing sympathy, the “Overwhelming Pressure” exactly reflects the current life of young people in fast-paced life under high pressure. The  song is so cheerful and light-hearted that people will dance to it, yet the mixed emotions in it strike people! A warming and hilarious snow mountain adventure is about to start. How will Posey escape the dilemmas and what will happen to the yeti?  Please unlock the answer in the theatre on October 19.

The Outdated Web Celebrity Sang Emotional Songs to Expose the Professional Bottleneck, High Pressure and Energy Arousing Resonance within Youngsters

The latest exposed MV presents the real inner fun of the Smallfoot Percy with dynamic and stylish music and the gorgeous movie images.  As an outdated web celebrity, he used to be a well-known host of an adventure show. He was a popular “Crispy Fried Chicken” in Hollywood and Vanity Fair. He once thought that he could rise to fame relying on the program, but there were always people hiring Spammers to bring down his program scores. Along with the unfair competition of the opponents were the videos that sought novelty of the animals including the “Piggy Swing Dance” and “Squirrel Surfing” that have taken away the amount of attention he has been dreaming of. Under the stagnation of the layers, he could not even afford the rent and felt breathless under the increasing pressure of life. The life dilemma of Percy’s dynamic interpretation in the songs has also poked the survival pain points of the young people. There seems to be a long distance between dreams and reality. The ups and downs of life presented in the song also strike youngsters of this age. At the same time, the persistent spirit of Percy in the film is inspiring, which reflects the performances of young people under great pressure.

Can a deep affection of “bitter meat” help the salted fish turn over? Dreams and reality are far and near?

In the picture of this exposure,  Percy, who did not admit defeat, made a slogan that even if there was only a glimmer of hope, he would not give up. He had no way to see the first-line business opportunities from the curiosity of human beings on the legend of snow monsters. Immediately, he bought a set of snow monster costumes, and he did not hesitate to expose his life. He asked his colleague Brenda to play snow monsters, and together with himself, he took photos of the “fake snow monsters” that made a sensation in the world. When there is a huge gap between reality and dreams, is it insisting on justice or obedience to the interests that drive astray, can Brenda be shaken by Percy? At that time, he did not know the real existence of the snow monster, and he wanted to play the fake snow monster. How to parry when he encountered the real snow monster? In the face of the true and false of the human world, how can the snow-capped mountains stay alone? A final choice about dreams and reality, a real and false hilarious collision, a small foot and bigfoot strange contrast adventure, waiting for October 19th, joy unveiled!

The fantasy adventure animated film “Snow Monster Adventure” made by Warner Bros., voiced by Channing Tatum (“Kingsman: The Golden Circle “), NBA superstar Lebron James, Charming Goddess Zendaya Coleman (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”) and well-known comedian James Kimberley Corden (“Peter Rabbit”) will be released nationwide on October 19th.


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